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    Default How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and explain why (I think) I developed a love for and an obsession over perfumes. Some of you may identify with one or another aspect of my story.

    During my teenage years, I was very interested in perfumes, but had no money to buy many bottles and no access to good information about fragrances and perfume-making. I relied on female friends and relatives to give me suggestions. Some of the first perfumes I owned were Polo, Azzaro, Jazz, Gucci, and perfumes by "O Boticario", a brazilian brand.

    After I grew up and entered college (Mec. Engineering), I simply forgot about my passion for scents, without even noticing it. Somehow it didn't feel right to spend money and time on perfumes. In college, I spent my entire day around men. There was only one woman in our class and nobody wore perfumes. If I wore one, I would probably receive nasty comments from my classmates. It was an environment where machismo ruled. it was very competitive and not so friendly. An interest in perfumes would be considered a weakness or even worse, a sign that you were gay.

    It was only when I came here to the US, many years later, that I became interested in perfumes again. There are many reasons for this. The first is that here there was no danger to wear perfumes. People were friendly. The second is that I stopped smoking, and my sense of smell was amplified. When I smoked, I was not capable of sensing delicate or subtle smells, due to sinusitis. The third reason is that I am not exploring my other senses as well as I did before, so I compensated the lack of sensorial experiences by dedicating myself to fragrances. I don't have a full kitchen, so I cannot cook very good food. I am currently taking a medication that prevents me from drinking alcohol, so I cannot explore one of my previous hobbies, wine tasting. Also, during the last 3 years the focus of my life has been on teaching and doing research, and I had little time to dedicate to either love or sex. So, perfumes, music, books and movies are all that I have right now. I tend to get very obsessed about every hobby that I take, and indeed I became very obsessed about perfumes. I now have a very good collection, although modest compared to some by other basenoters.

    I just wanted to tell you how I fell in love with perfumes and thank all of you for having helped me with so much information, suggestions and camaraderie.

    Thanks, guys!

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    And thank YOU, Lucius, for starting some very interesting threads. I never would have guessed you were shy, as you stated in the "match a fragrance to the person above" thread.

    I'm adding this edit to clarify that my statement could be misinterpreted as sarcasm, or an insult. It's meant to be complimentary.
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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Good anecdotal threads - you should start a blog !

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Thanks for the history - very interesting! And I agree with BnB - it's always interesting to see your new threads on Basenotes. If I don't respond to all of them, it's only because I simply don't have enough time to devote to all the basenoting I'd like to be doing.


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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    I second the others, I also appreciate your new threads. You are an extremely sensorial person Lucius, we've got a lot in common.

    In which country were you before ?
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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Hi Night, I am originally from Brazil. I was born in the northeast region, but lived in Sao Paulo (southeast) for 13 years before coming to the US. Now I live in Boston.

    I'm glad you guys like my threads. I do try to captivate the readers.


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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Great reading Luscious .
    I reckon every newbie here should introduce themselves this way whilst new .

    JANUARY 2013 ..

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    I love this type of threads. How about a follow up on how your fragrance hobby affected your other senses during this time? For me (although I am not quite sure if this is something I've learned through fragrance), almost 8 months into this hobby, I enjoy food in ways that I did not. Even music, I've started appreciating music in ways I never though possible.
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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    It is very interesting to read your story, Lucius!
    My introduction to the perfume hobby was also triggered by quitting smoking! I had almost never used perfume before, but after I got my sense of smell back, I was thinking about how to get something positive from quitting, and distract me from wanting to start again. So I figured that the world of perfumes would be very interesting to explore. After a not very successful blind buy of Cool Water, I decided to do better research before buying the next one, so I googled around a bit and found Basenotes. From that point, my story develops in a very predictable manner...
    I love cologne.

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    It's recognisable what you say about obsession for hobbies. I also am obsessed with every hobby I have, I can't do a hobby casually.
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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Mostapha, I believe that a good part of the perceived taste of food is actually due to the smell. Have you tried to eat very good food when you had a flu? The taste is not the same!

    So, when we develop our noses and become trained to identify smells, we are automatically being trained to better apreciate food. I am sure that basenoters are more proficient in detecting "notes" in food than the average person.

    I believe that, for many people, loving perfumes is just part of an overall attitude towards life and the senses. That is why I created that post about Hedonism. I think that love for scents cannot be completely separated from the love for the other kinds of sensorial experiences. Including sex, food, music, visuals and art in general.

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    I share a pretty similar experience with quitting smoking. I had always had an interest in scents even before, and wore SMW, Azzaro Visit, and Burberry London, among others. However, after quitting, I decided to really invest more energy into the hobby because of my newly heightened sense of smell and partly as a reward to myself... and I'm sure glad I did! I'm also much better in the kitchen now too!
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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    I agree with you Lucius - a clear nose (from nicotine, etc.) is a more aware nose.

    Your love of fragrances comes through in all of your posts - which is why a lot of us can identify with it.

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    Thank you for sharing that great story. Wonderful thread!
    It would be great if you update your wardrobe to share with your fellow Basenote members.

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    Default Re: How I Learned to Love Perfumes

    you really are such a class act Paulo. It's good to know more about your life including, but not limited to, fragrance.
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