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    Default i like Outrageous! any copies?

    . . . so I’ve been on a basenotes vacation for a while and my scent rotation has dwindled to either Lacroix Tumulte, TdH or Chanel Allure Homme –

    On a recent trip to Barney’s COOP I discovered Malle’s Outrageous! Now I know it’s received mixed reviews but I really enjoy it. For me it goes from being this rigidly orangey aromatic thing, then I guess it goes into something a bit more floral and softer, maybe the neroli taking over? – then the last bit is my favorite that musky, but fresh skin scent that I get compliments on all the time.

    It has the same skin scent feeling that 212 has to me. Completely different scents I know, but how they sit on me is similar. That kind of ‘you smell good, but it doesn’t smell like you’re wearing anything, it’s just how you smell’ feeling – well I like that.

    I’m not sure what the exact components are but I’m very curious to what other scents out there smell like Outrageous! or at least have the same feeling as it. What’s your take?

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    Default Re: i like Outrageous! any copies?

    Be Delicious by DKNY has a similar apple thing going on.

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    Default Re: i like Outrageous! any copies?

    When I just sampled Outrageous! on my skin, I thought there were some similarities to Burberry Weekend but I think perhaps only a few because when I gave it a full wear, it showed much more. The price of Outrageous! is actually reasonable enough that I doubt I'd try to look much for something else. I like the idea of a Malle being ~$1 per ml!
    I wanted to buy a bottle for the first half of the day I wore it, but by the second half, I was sort of over it. I'm not so sure I'll end up with a bottle, but I do enjoy it.
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    Default Re: i like Outrageous! any copies?

    i'm not sure if its the apple i'm diggin. i think its more the floral, musk, wood combo.

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