Stephano Ricci - What a frikin store! Amazing display, 3 levels of elegant ties, shirts, suits, shoes, and pants. A GIANT trapezoid shaped glass bottle was hidden in the shop. In it was a light yellow liquid. I sprayed. I sniffed. I yawned. A citrus tinge, bergamot perhaps a bit of neroli then the musk and woods come out with a finish of amber with a possible touch of tonka and benzoin. This was Allure SUPER light Lacoste SUPER light or well you get the point. You've smelled this before.

Aqua Di Genoa - WOW! I love this scent. It's so simple yet so gorgeous. It's made from the same formula from 1853. It starts off very masculine despite a fresh rose accord that comes in quick. It's not a clean rose like Voleur but its not feminine at all. The scent actually dries down to remind me of Old Spice in some ways. But this scent is much more refined and deep.

Detaille Par 4 - classy masculine scent sown together with a mix of sage and thyme but softened up with balsam resin giving it a light leather quality along with vetiver to add to the woody texture. This is a suit and tie in a bottle.

Ambra di Venezia - Montgomery Taylor does it again. After his masterpiece Paratus he comes out with this gem. Lightly floral with a succulent citrus edge and a balmy sweetness. The scent evens out fairly quickly (15 minutes). It's a bit on the feminine side as the narcissus is not strong but very present and does not go away.