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    Default Must De Cartier - My Blind buy today :)

    Hey guys...i just happened to get a gift from my Wife today and this happened to be Silver Shadow by Davidoff..well..meh...i really dont like these kinda scents..somethin very sweet about plum..almost like chevignon or a lacoste Ph...luckily it was brought from a black market. I pleaded to my wife to have it exchanged..she agreed after making sure i was going to repent it...well, such is life....whew!

    This market didnt have much choice...but hey! they did have Must de Cartier and i was like..hmmm...a Cartier, cant go very wrong. i happily swapped the SS to MdC and walk out with a jump in my walk.

    I enter my car..impatient that i am..or lets say like we all Bners are, i spritzed one each on wrist...the first thing that comes to mind is how soft it a soft cloud of spice, the intial blast of citrus and gourmand sweet and sour notes of orange is softened by spicy notes of Cinnamon and the gentle love bite of ginger. Cinnamon holds the rein quite well in the midnotes and gives off a feel of it being a spicy, oriental, gourmand type of scent. The beauty of this entire progression is that, the top-mid notes is covered by a cloud of Tonka bean which gives this wonderful scent the feel of warmed up spicy sweet, powdery Vanilla. Such is the quality of this note that it enveloped me in a warm, powdery, spicy glow which strays sometimes in the gourmand zone.

    This is very very classy scent and is thoroughly stays as mentioned above for 4 hours easy thereby subsiding to a moderately close to skin scent with vanillic (tonka bean) and woody notes. i have read that this doenst have staying power...i have to respectively disagree...this has a very mysterious sillage. one of the best that i have come across. many scents die out on me..but this i could smell even after 10+ hours of application..

    this one is for someone who is looking for a well rounded, carefully blended, Spicy Oriental Gourmand with citrus topnotes, mid notes comprising of soft spices on a earthy, woody, vanillic base.

    any who likes/dislikes this scent? would love to hear your perspective on this scent. thanx a million for your time!
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    Default Re: Must De Cartier - My Blind buy today :)

    Jenson - Thank you very much for this great post.

    I have just recently been discovering/exploring the Cartier fragrances - for some reason I just never paid much attention to them. I have been very impressed by them though.

    I had sampled both the Must de Cartier and the L'Essence de Must de Cartier, but couldn't make up my mind which one I liked better. Your post has reminded me to give them another try. Knowing me, I will probably end up getting both of them.

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    Default Re: Must De Cartier - My Blind buy today :)

    I have the Essence Must de Cartier Homme and it's really a wonderful cinnamon fragrance. Something about it reminds me of the smell of well dressed people at church. It conjures up shades of purple as well.

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