I've been browsing around and couldn't find any threads about this scent. And for some reason, the 2008 edition (NOT *2007*) isn't even in the basenotes database.
Anyways, I was at Sears in search for some frags that have a really youthful, fun-filled scent.
The SA recommended that I try out the cK One Summer 2008 with only a few units left. Honestly, it took some time to really register the top-note scents in my head...I didn't know whether to love it or not. After a few minutes, the intrigue built up...and I started to love it! Really reminded me of a childhood scent, which I can't really trace. I'm not a cK One fan, but this one definitely stole my heart!
The watermelon/cucumber/woodsy notes is a great combo for me. Not a top 5 scent on my list, but one that I really really like.
Your thoughts?