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    Question Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    Hello all, admittedly I didn't do a search about this, but I have a question. I put my SMW down for a couple of months because I just didn't want to use it all too soon. When I started using it again, something just didn't seem right about it. The smell was off. Well, I had this bright idea to shake the bottle up a little and now it's fine again. Do frag ingredients settle at the bottom if you don't pick up the bottle for a long time, or is it just in my head?
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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    The amount of alcohol in the perfume is very high,and the oils and other ingredients are dilluted. I have never seen or heard of ingredients settling at the bottom.....So I'd guess that it is just a wrong impression. Let's wait and see if anyone knows for sure.

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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    All perfume oils will be soluble in alcohol, however there would be some (very slight) amount of settling with denser oils at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.
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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    I have a vintage bottle of Shocking by Elsa Schiaparelli. It has all sorts of wonderful inclusions and sediment particles in the bottom.

    My vintage bottles of Knize Ten, Monsieur Note Havane and Eau de Fleurs (Leonid de Lescinski) have inclusions as well but to a lesser extent.

    I seem to recall reading a thread which postulated that it was more likely to occur with natural ingredients than with synthetic.

    Ever since I read that Creed uses a high percentage of natural ingredients, I developed the habit of gently shaking my Creeds before using them.
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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    I have an old bottle of Hermes' Rocabar that has some form of sediment ( I think of it as a precipitate). The top notes are altogether gone.

    I guess I am keeping it to see "what happens next". It seems like the amount of sediment is growing.
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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    I would imagine with naturally occurring ingredients a true solution would be fairly difficult to obtain, and you instead get a very fine suspension.T here'd almost have to be some settling over time, the parts are not all going to have equal densities.
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    Default Re: Do ingredients "settle" at the bottom?

    It might also have been some decay of the scent left in the sprayer mechanism since its closer to the oxygen of the air outside the bottle. It can also dry up and get funky in there. Once you pump it again a few times, maybe that funkiness is removed by being blown out for the first wearing or so, and after that you're back to the straight stuff.

    I think that over a matter of a few months there's little risk to settling. But if a shake is all it takes to solve the problem, I sure won't be one to argue!
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