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Thread: bar of soap

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    Default bar of soap

    What brand of soap is good? I would like to know what kind of "bar of soap," as i can not get into body wash. Thank you!

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    Default Re: bar of soap

    I tend to default to Dr. Bronner

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    Default Re: bar of soap

    I've tried quite a few of the scented designer soaps and have liked a few of them for how they left me smelling. However, if you're looking for clean, and I mean squeaky clean you have to try the big green triangle from Thierry Mugler's Cologne line. Of course it smells clean, but it leaves no residue and takes the dust and dirt of the day off of you with just one pass. Look for it at Hampton Essential's and save about twenty dollars over what you'll pay at Nordstrom's or other brick and mortars.

    Sorry, just took a look at Hampton's and am dismayed to report you can no longer buy Mugler's soap there for eight dollars a bar. It would seem they have exhausted their supply.
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    Claus Porto soaps are good. Available from a couple of places:

    I like Nancy Boy's soaps:

    $7 each or a three-pack (your choice) for $15 (I think). I've tried Sweetgrass and Tea Rose. Prefer Tea Rose. Their Signature scent is liked by a lot of folks.

    I also like Crabtree & Evelyn's Sienna bath soap (don't confuse it with the shaving soap - which is also excellent, if you use shaving soap). Their sandalwood is nice, too, as is the Nomad (some folks don't care for it though):

    Catherine Deneuve: "You should put scent where you like to be kissed."

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    I recently bought 5 packages of Roger Gallet soap, with the Extra Vieille fragrance. It is a delicious soap, very creamy and refreshing, and so perfumed that my entire bathroom is filled with fragrance. I highly recommend it!


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    I use the green dove bars, readily everywhere almost everywhere. the packaging says 1/4 moisutizer and green tea extract and I can really feel the difference from average soap. Especially for sensitive skin such as mine, it moisturizes but doesnt make your skin oily or break out. Also, the scent is extremely pleasant yet unbelievably subtle and close to your skin. It doesn't leave you with a soapy smell, but more of a very very soft herbal pleasant note. A spray of any fragrance completely covers it up like its not even there, so it doesnt interfere with any sort of colognes. In addition, the soap in and of itself smells great on the days you want to go au natural. Least but not least, the price is so low even trying it can't hurt the wallet.

    just my two cents, but than again i've never tried the more expensive soaps. However, I dont want a soap that is overscented because I'd like the fragrances to do the majority of the scent work. Anyways, if you ever see them, give them a try for a day or two, really well made products. I remember i visited a friend and use some normal soap and UGH, the difference is extradonairy after daily use of this stuff.

    good luck

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    Default Re: bar of soap

    I use Anthony Logistics mud scrub bar.

    Its nice and minty. I also love the oatmeal that they put into the bar. It's like a built in pumice stone.

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