I'm not expecting to get many responses to this one, but it's been bothering me for weeks now. Here in the UK there is a line of products (shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser etc.) from Charles Worthington called Results For Men. It isn't particularly expensive, and I bought some just because I needed some shower gel, but I've now gone on to buy the complete set because the scent is frankly fantastic.

My question is, basically, does anyone know what scent it is? In the product it's just listed as 'Parfum' so undoubtedly it's just a artificial one, but I'm looking to find a proper EdT that will complement it. I'm afraid that my understanding of different scent types isn't at a stage where I can easily identify individual types, but I'll attempt to describe it as best I can.

To me it's citrus, but not with the overly sweet lightweight texture of something such as Paul Smith. Right behind the medium-sweet citrus is a heft of woodsy notes, very green, but with definite weight to them. It's very rounded on the nose, filling up the majority of the olfactory types without any overt citrus sharpness or woodsy dirt coming through. Sorry if I sound a bit daft with that description

Anyone got any thoughts about a fragrance to go with it? Just as a guide to what fragrances I usually wear, my current splashes are JPG Le Male, Paul Smith Story, Issey Miyake pour Homme, Armani He, Moschino Uomo? and Vera Wang for Men. Of them, I'd say the Paul Smith Story goes best, but it's too sharp on the citrus to really complement.

Thanks for any answers I get for this rambling question