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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    So - I've gotten the opportunity to wear Vanille Galante several times since I bought it a month ago and I thought I'd post my thoughts on it.

    The top notes remind me (as soon as I spray the nozzle) of ripe mango. We had a mango tree growing up in my backyard and I ate mangoes my whole life. There's a certain scent I get from holding a mango (with some of the peel still on) up to my mouth and biting into it that's replicated for a few seconds in VG. Odd - because of course, who expects to encounter this in a vanilla fragrance!?

    What immediately followed was the aforementioned 'banana condom' accord. Of course it doesn't smell like banana or like condoms. But banana flavored candies give off a sharp, distinct (almost flowery) aroma (LifeSavers, for instance) and the VG floral element gives off this same aura. I am almost certain it is the ylang ylang. I personally have a problem enjoying this flower - in many scents it smells like woman's cold cream or face cream. The floral element of VG is creamy and very tropical. It reminds me of what a thick, heavy scented tanning sunblock cream might smell like.

    The light aquatic (water) note in the middle is spicy (spiced water?) and it's hard to shake the resemblance to Un Jardin Apres la Mousson. Imagine the top notes of UJALM with all of the melon removed. That's what the aquatic note in VG smells like.

    The vanilla? It's there, but it's been stripped of everything sweet and gourmand-y about it and all you can really smell is a very faint wisp of it that weaves in and out of the previously mentioned florals. The hide-and-seek vanilla is very seductive - it doesn't overpower the scent and it also allows VG to smell unlike any other scent I've ever experienced before. It's this distinctive quality that had me wearing VG many times, to wrap my head around it.

    The verdict: I don't like it. I respect the artistry and achievement that Ellena strove for in creating VG. I also think it's wonderfully refreshing to smell a tropical floral scent, that is so different. But I feel incredibly uncomfortable wearing it.
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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    Thanks for the thoughtful review, mp.... I've been doing the same thing by getting to know VG before issuing my verdict and posting a review, which will be coming soon. I don't reach quite the same conclusion, but nor am I overwhelmingly pleased with it, either - but for entirely different reasons. I end up liking it, but not enough to want to buy a bottle or even replenish my 15ml when it's done.

    I will discuss this in my review, but this may be one of those oddball cases where a fragrance is hampered by it's name. There is an expectation with the word 'vanilla' in the title that is unfulfilled, and I predict people will not be as patient as MP in getting to know the fragrance before trashing it for not competing with SDV and the like. Hermes would have been better off giving it a floral-related title.

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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    The verdict: I don't like it.
    That was better than an episode of Judge Judy. I trust your fine nose, but I've still got to smell this strange sounding, vanilla junk.
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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    I tried this - it's one of the most beautiful fragrances I have tried so far. A bit expensive here in Sweden (1900 SEK = $262). I really have to get this when I can afford it...

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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    amazing how vanilla scents are so popular again...bring back vanilla fields..haha!

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    Default Re: New Hermessence: Vanille Galante

    I work within blocks of an Hermes boutique and walk by it at least several times a week. I've encountered a couple of customers exiting the store who had obviously sprayed on some Vanille Galante while inside. I think it smells fantastic, but my observation has been that the lily/ylang note is way more prominent (in passer-by sillage anyway) than the vanilla presence. Maybe the vanilla makes itself known way later in the heart note. Btw, I think the floral nature of the notes are not too femme for a male wearer - if you're a guy who can entertain the thought of wearing Carnal Flower or Velvet Gardenia, this should be a cinch for you.

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