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    Hello everybody,

    Falls approaching and its time to add a new cologne to the growing collection.

    With the gamut of colognes available- I am again confused and need your advice.

    Armed with two andy tauers in my collection ( L'air and incense extreme) .. I am looking to pick up something woody- Gucci pour homm'ish type...Two finalists are Yatagan by Caron and Lui from rochas....

    Could you please suggest which one should I go for?

    Thanks in advance


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    Givenchy PH , give it a try ...

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    Well you do get opinions, always the opposite of what YOU want. I got a big jug of caron PuH today plus some samples from the Caron boutique .One of which I tried last week and almost threw up. Today, well all I can say is WOW!!!! Yatigan. Will buy tomorrow. Will give me the opposite of PuH. Nothing like it that I know of. Have changed my mind about mainstream perfumers vs Niche too. At least Caron. PS a little dab will do you with the yatigan.
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