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    Default Looking for Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) essential oil/absolute/fragrance

    This may not be an overly familiar plant to many people, but it's the classic old-fashioned european white lily that's a staple in just about every garden in europe.

    I lived in Serbia as a kid with my grandmother and apart from the many fond memories, one thing that has always stayed with me is the legendary perfume of this flower.

    I have looked at a million and one websites that might offer an extract/essential oil of this outstandingly perfumed flower. Not one, apart from the Good Scents Company, even mention it.

    What's sort of amazed me is that it is such a sweet/fresh floral scent that lends itself perfectly to perfumery (namely women's) and yet it does not appear anywhere that I know of as a main accord, and none of the ones I have smelt even remotely resemble the astonishing fragrance of this flower. It is right up there with the rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang in terms of opulence.

    I have seen a few fragrances that mention "lily" but it really does not mean much. There are numerous lilies out there and all of them have quite different fragrances.

    Does anyone know of any place/site that I could refer this to?

    I would looooove to find it and make up a little batch of a perfume oil for my mother, because I know she'd jump sky-high out of joy if she got something like this.

    PS: After many years of searching in Australia I did actually find the bulbs of this plant and have even thought of processing some kind of extract out of the flowers.
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    Default Re: Looking for Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) essential oil/absolute/fragrance

    To Snifferdog:
    This is a few years after your post about the delightful fragrance of Lilium candidum.

    To my knowledge there is not on offer anywhere in the industry an absolute or concrete of this flower. Goodscents maintain that some company in India offer a "Lily Absolute", but I am rather sceptical.

    I am a perfume of 40+ years experience based in Brisbane Australia. I have tried to come up with various lily fragrances but never really come near the exquisite and unique aroma of *this* gorgeous flower... until now! A friend gave me a large bouquet of Madonna Lilies (Lilium candidum) and I have had them in my home perfuming the entire space for a good week now. I have been able to really analyse the aroma olfactorily and finally have come up with a formula which my Compounder weighed out today. While it takes at least twenty-four hours for a blend of aromatics to mature, at first smelling I think we are damn-near close! I think I've got it at last!

    Of course the other possibility is to subject the flowers to Head-space analysis AKA "Living Flower" technology perfected by IFF. I am not aware if they have done this yet but it is hard to imagine that they have not.

    Anyway, I can send you a sample of ours if you are interested.

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    Default Re: Looking for Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) essential oil/absolute/fragrance

    Thoth Hermes I would love to sniff a sample of your lily recreation!

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