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    Default Coconut Water in fragrances?

    The Basenotes directory led me to J.Lo Miami Glow, Daisy Fuentes Dianoche, and Bath and Body Works Gardenia. Does anyone know of a more-sophisticated scent that uses this note? Keep in mind that coconut water does not taste/smell much like coconut. It has a bit of coconut's sweetness, but is mostly very green and refreshing, and perhaps slightly sour. It's somewhat like cucumber, but not as vegetal and quite distinct.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Coconut Water in fragrances?

    Personally, I think coconut water stinks.

    But if you like it...have you tried other 'tropical' scents that use coconut a little more skillfully? I personally like Virgin Island Water by Creed and Bronze Goddess/Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche by Estee Lauder/Tom Ford.

    The coconut accord in these is subtle, fleshy and quite watery. Not exactly that cucumber-y vibe you perfectly describe in coconut water, but miles away from the 'fake' coconut of cheap pharmacy suntan lotion or some fig scents.
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    Default Re: Coconut Water in fragrances?

    Nice call Mike... I had also thought of posting Bronze Goddess, but being as Ive never smelled Coconut water, figured Id hold my tongue instead.

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