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    Default scentemental's last post

    Perhaps this belongs elsewhere, and without doubt it's up to the moderators to move this thread elsewhere if they so choose, but I hope they will give this senior member one last indulgence by allowing it to stay here where most of my friends can see this post. Perhaps it might be their way of acknowledging that I have contributed a little something of value to Basenotes in the four years I have been posting here.

    It's been fun folks, a lot less so lately. I will not be posting on any of the boards anymore, nor will I be visiting any of the boards anymore.

    I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to Grant and the moderators who have always tried their hardest to make this a congenial place for those interested in the fragrant life.

    To my friends, thank you for your continued kind words and encouragement over the years.


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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're leaving us, scentemental. You will be sorely missed, everyone will agree.

    I wish you the best of luck whatever you do in the future.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I thank you sincerely for pointing out the Oscar Pour Lui differences .
    Nobody else noticed it .
    I wish you all the best .
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Shame you've decided to leave. Nice "knowing" you scentimental.
    Happy (fragrant) trails!

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    This is sad news, indeed. But as our favorite 007 once said, never say never. And don't underestimate the power of the company of friends, who will always welcome you back anytime, no questions asked (well, perhaps one or two...).

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Daniel Moynihan

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I learned so much from your posts. They were highly valued and I shall miss seeing your contributions.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I'm very sorry to see you go. The absence of your profound knowledge of perfume and especially your diligence in sharing it by posting extended analyses and explanations will leave a rather large hole in the forum. I'm not sure what led you to react so strongly to Renato's innocuous post, but evidently it was to you the straw that broke the camel's back. For a number of reasons I do not believe basenotes will develop back into the more intimate, homogenous forum of likeminded perfume afficionados that I gather you envision. Though you may feel it to be the case, I do not believe your efforts would be wasted within this new context, which certainly has its, let's say, strenuous aspects, but if you think the centre will not hold, I'll sadly respect that. Perhaps you'll consider opening a blog - it has the advantage that one can freely set one's own terms. I'd hate to see your insight disappear from the web altogether.

    Here's to good smells!

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I, too, have found your posts to be insightful and informative, and am sorry to see you go. All the very best!
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Your reviews are the best I've ever read at BN. You have a lot of talent and knowledge. Don't let other people irritate you. It is just envy. Please, continue contributing to the community....
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    Post Re: scentemental's last post

    scentemental, I can only think to wish you the very best that life has to offer. The best of luck in all your endeavors, and thanks so much for all you have done, and remember to always keep your chin up!
    Regards Ron
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Yes, sorry to see you leave but you really should have been a 'Supporting Member', too,

    But maybe you'll be back!

    Take care.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I will miss you dearly S.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us Scentemental. I have enjoyed reading your posts and reviews and used them to help guide me toward some great fragrances I probably would have missed otherwise. I think you may have many more friends and here on Basenotes than you realize. Via Con Dios.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    You will be sorely missed, my friend (and instructor, and enabler, particularly regarding women [ok, me]wearing men's fragrances!). I hope you reconsider, and know that while the board may no longer be exactly what you hope for, your presence here makes a real difference. Thank you for everything.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Quote Originally Posted by graffham View Post
    Yes, sorry to see you leave but you really should have been a 'Supporting Member', too,
    scentemental was a long-time Supporting Member. That changed only within the last year, perhaps when he started losing his enthusiasm for Basenotes.

    My friend, I will never have your nose or your encyclopedic knowledge of all things fragrant, but I learned as much from what you didn't say as from what you did.

    With apologies to Margaret Hamilton, I will miss you, "you and your little dogs too!"

    Please stop back whenever the time is right.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    It's sad to see one of the most knowledgeable members of this forum leave. I've always found your comments very informative, detailed and well written.

    I will miss your continued presence here and by the looks of it, I'm not the only one.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post


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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I'm sad to see you leave but I must say that I find no wrongdoing in Renato's post. Why can't you just ignore the topics that don't interest you or would potentially annoy you?
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Thank You for the insight and inspiration!

    The best of luck to you always!!
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I will miss you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in the past. It was always a pleasure to read you and to learn from you.
    Best wishes.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I enjoyed your posts, and will miss them - whether they were against a fragrance I enjoyed or not.

    One thing I hope is that you leave us with them, to view their very informative content for years to come.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Is Basenotes shutting down?

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Unhappy Re: scentemental's last post

    All of a sudden everything becomes pale... BN is loosing one of its best members. BN will never be the same again

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    very sorry to see you leave.....yet your words and reviews will remain with us forever.
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    sorry to see you leave. taek care.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Your presence provided much illumination here. Take your leave if you must, but return again when the time is right. You will be missed.

    As in all of life, there is much here that leave a lot to be desired. But there are treasures here too, people of unsurpassed integrity and virtue.
    Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. (Keats)

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Thank you for your contributions, and for sharing your enthusiasm of all things fragrant... While your thoughts & insights will be missed, you must do what you feel is best. If that includes no longer posting on Basenotes, so be it...

    I second the thought that you might consider starting a blog. It could give you the best of both worlds. It would give you a platform to share your passion & knowledge with others (which you really seemed to enjoy), and you would avoid the pitfalls that seemed to hasten your departure from this website...

    Thank you again, and best of luck in the future...
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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Well, we all get frustrated at times.
    Could you perhaps reconsider your decision and make this your last post for today?
    Things may be cheerier tomorrow.


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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    I must say how sad it makes me to log into Basenotes today and see this thread.

    Basenotes won't be the same without you, Scentemental. It's a deep hit for sure, like a team losing one of their star players.

    I hope that you'll reconsider and stay with us. I think I understand your reasons, though, and I agree with your concerns about the direction the boards are apparently heading. I've only been a member for about a year and a half, and I too have noticed a gradual transformation towards sillier and less meaningful discussions.

    Perhaps that change is a truer representation of the nature of message boards and cyberspace in general. So much cyber communication is abbreviated, dumbed down, made cute, or offered in too spontaneous a manner for its own good.

    The ever increasing number of newer participants, perhaps younger and less knowledgeable about fragrances than most of the old hands, may also contribute to this direction towards frivolity and fun. But I think this a natural outgrowth of the site's wider exposure and inevitable growth.

    I know that you've invested a great deal of your time and effort in making this place a better one. Your posts have always been thoughtful and careful, and not about adding a moment of fun but about making lasting and meaningful contributions.

    Thank you for that! I for one will miss you very much.

    Take care.

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    Default Re: scentemental's last post

    Well, as they say, never say never...

    All the best and here's hoping that you didn't add me to, what sounds like, a very long ignore list (or you won't get to read this message).

    Last edited by Trebor; 27th August 2008 at 02:31 PM.

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