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    Default Lagerfeld Classic

    I'm going to buy lagerfeld classic, but before i do, is there anyone that knows of any reformulations of it? On the internet, just one type of box pops up and that's this one;

    It's doesn't match the layout with the vintage Lagerfeld Photo, which were matched in the late 90's. Now the two boxes have the same general layout.

    Anyone bought a bottle recently in the last couple of years and has memory of how the juice used to be?

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    It's been Re-formulated? I can't tell the difference. My Dad' Girlfriend swears it's been changed. I don't see it. In my opinion at least. I just bought some on Sunday.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    I could be mistaken, but I don't remember earlier versions of this juice being neon orange... That could be a sign of reformulation, though I could be wrong...

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    I'm sure all these European classics have been reformulated to fit the Union regulations, the question is, how much have they been changed? As far as Lagerfeld Classic, I find it hard to say if it's been changed much with reformulation. Sometimes I think so because I think the rich opoponax in the base doesn't seem as rich as I remember. Other times I'm struck with an often experienced nostalgia when I spray it on. But whatever, I don't think the change has been very great, if there has been one. The bottle I use now is a recent purchase and I don't get depressed using it as I do when I spray Antaeus or Trussardi Uomo or some of the other classics that have been noticeably changed. I think KMF might be right about the color, but what do I know, I'm color blind.

    I don't understand your question about Lagerfeld Photo. Are you asking if Photo has been reformulated? If you are, the answer is "yes." And I think the reformulation has made Photo a little better -- I never did care for the opening of the original. Now it opens pretty smoothly.
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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    This is pretty much the color of mine, purchased about 8 months ago.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    Now, it's really funny this has come up actually.

    I was in a fragrance store yesterday and was talking to the SA about Lagerfeld Classic. He said, hmm, have you smelled recent bottles of it? I said no, why? He said because he'd had a number of customers comment that it seemed to have changed and invited me to smell their tester.

    I have to say, it really has changed. It smelled a lot lighter and sweeter than the bottle I have at home (and yes it is less than a year old and had been stored correctly). The tester I smelled, smelled like mine does after about an hour and a half. My bottle and previous bottles of this I have experienced are quite heavy and, er, macho when they go on and last like that for a fair while.

    In my opinion it's been changed.
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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    I need to revisit this scent. This was one of the best scents in the 80's, and for me, that meant the Halston Z-12 and what was it, I-14? Royal Copenhagen and Royal Copenhagen Musk, Paco Rabonne, Oscar Pour Lui, the original Calvin by Calvin Klein (dark blue tall bottle), Gucci Nobile, Drakkar, Eau Savage and Givenchy Gentleman. Oh, and Grey Flannel when it came out. This was when designers did not rush to create a fragrance and it might be 4 or more years before another came out.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    The older bottle is probably much much older. Like from 1995 - 1997. Same time photo was reformulated. They have the same makup / structure in their bottle. My specific question is if anyone remembers lagerfeld classic changing around that time? Or maybe in the last couple of months like HDS_1963 pointed out.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    Im certain mine is the current juice & it packs a punch .... its strong with superb sillage & longevity , I recomend it without hesitation .
    I will also point out that I have only ever seen the one packaging for it .

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    Reformulated or not. I think Lagerfeld classic still smells great. It`s still in production, and has prove to be a timeless classic. Tried some recently, and it last on my skin for a looong time.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    Personally never cared for this.

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    I was under the impression that the reform stuff was in the box marked Classic(?). The vintage was marked Cologne Spray Naturel or just simply Cologne.

    I recently stumbled into some sealed NIB Lagerfeld aftershaves that are surely vintage. They are not marked Classic. Having some new current that is marked as such I did a side by side test and the vintage has something that the new does not. Most people wouldn't notice for that matter as it's subtle, yet evident for those comparing and really paying attention.
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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    yes , you are correct Boge .
    The original Lagerfeld is just called "Lagerfeld Cologne" .
    In another thread some years ago started by Bigsly he points this out , as the lettering on the bottle is also stylized .
    Ok , since my post above 4 & half years ago , i have managed to buy the original formulation & it is noticeably , richer & stronger .
    I think a search may reveal a thread documenting the differences .
    I like both & one day in the near future i will do a side by side of the two & report back to bump this thread .
    cheers .

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    Default Re: Lagerfeld Classic

    It has been reformulated at least once (as has been said, from cologne to classic. I have experience of the original version and the classic and they are indeed different, although my bottle of Classic still smells pretty good. There is at least one thing that would have to change under EU regs. The original formulation contained an Amber base called Ambre 83, this in its turn contained a Nitromusk called Musk Xylene. Musk Xylene has been banned by the EU. Therefore that will have changed. I'm guessing there have been a few other changed too.

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