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    Default Désir de Rochas Homme- Dead before it was born???

    Didn't hear much about this one here or in the shops. What happened to it? Was it a casualty in the the sudden death of Rochas? Based on the notes and Rochas' reputation for putting out quality juice, who can recommend it for a blind buy? See it cheap on various web retailers.
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    Default Re: Désir de Rochas Homme- Dead before it was born???

    i absolutely adore it...lovely stufff by Rochas..(do they ever go wrong?)....its a very creamy smooth slightly gourmandish scent with burnt woody notes and touch of cigar...has a bit of darker , brownish feel to it...would suit best for formal setups or a date in a plush hotel ....for's cross between Rochas man and Lui. a 50 ml would be a great to start with. definitely recommended imho....

    i too felt it was getting out of sight atleast thts wht i felt from BN...not sure if this is a hit or a miss for rochas at ground level...
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    Default Re: Désir de Rochas Homme- Dead before it was born???

    It's sweet without being cloying. Bought it on a blind buy and enjoy it immensly on work-week evenings. It's cheap and and you only live once!

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    Default Re: Désir de Rochas Homme- Dead before it was born???

    Désir de Rochas Homme is one of the best NEW rochas Fragrances...But as vawallpa says in the Review:

    ¨This scent has to be tried to be appreciated.¨

    I own 6 Bottles of Désir de Rochas Homme...Excelent Fragrance!
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