I was looking up moisturizing cleansers on Google and found a two year old topic on this site, about products that would work best.

One of the products that was mentioned was the Nivea Visage Indulging Cleansing Milk. I looked up the product and it sounded like what I was looking for, but I was on Nivea's international website and I didn't realize it wasn't available in the US.

I searched on Google to see if any other sites would be selling it, but I only found a similar product that was closest to it.


I was wondering if anyone knows a site where they sell Nivea Visage Indulging Cleansing Milk, and ship to the US?

Also is Nivea Visage Hydrating Cleansing Milk an improved version of the Indulging Cleansing Milk?

This is what I've been trying to find,