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    Default Chanel Coco lost instructions on how to refill bottle

    Please please please can someone help me.

    I have the 60ml/2oz refillable bottle of Coco Chanel and it says its refillable but I have beginning to have my doubts. Does anyone out there know how to open the bottle? I can manage to take the slide off the bottom of the bottle but can't get the actual bottle out. Then there are these two slot things on the top which I thought would unlatch the top of the bottle to get the perfume out but I can't them to open either.

    Can someone please help me???? Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've come up against the problem. I forgot that I had this problem years ago and then went out and bought another refillable bottle just to cause myself anxiety.

    Please help me.


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    Default Re: Chanel Coco lost instructions on how to refill bottle

    I had that same bottle (until two weeks ago)! I think what works is to press the notches in (if you can manuver your fingers or nails to poke them in slightly) and then rock the top piece back and forth until you have eased it past the holes that the tabs slot into.

    The problem I had with mine is that the "refill" bottle had stopped spraying even though there was a good half-ounce of Coco remaining. I ended up cutting the top off the bottle and pouring it into another bottle. I bought a new bottle in the non-refillable packaging and disposed of the old case.

    Good luck with yours!

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    Default Re: Chanel Coco lost instructions on how to refill bottle

    Thanks for your advice but after an hour or so of trying to push the buttons in I decided a stronger course of action was all that was left me. I unslid the slide on the bottom of the bottle and after a few firm (and I mean firm) shakes of the packaging the bottle slid out!!! I guess it was more confidence and desperation than anything else. The best surprise was that I had half the bottle left!

    Once again thanks for your help.

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    Smile Re: Chanel Coco lost instructions on how to refill bottle

    Hi there,

    I recently got a refill for the Coco and the instructions came inside the box. So if you have misplaced it here are the instructions.

    1) Slide slip cover off from the bottom
    2) Take off top cover of case from the top
    3) Do not take off spritz nozzle - all you do is smack down on it with your palm
    4) Voila - the bottle pops out at the bottom! (spritz nozzle attached and all)

    To put a new refill in:

    1) Remove black cap from refill
    2) Slide slip cover from the bottom
    3) Flip over flap
    3) Slide bottle (with spritz nozzle on it) up into the case and push up

    There's no need to push in those tabs on the side that were mentioned.

    Hope this helps
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