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    Default sweating, any help?

    hello, i was wondering whether any of you can help me with a little thing.
    i tend to sweat easily even if its not even warm around me.
    i HATE sweating!
    obvious signs appear, i get worried and sweat even more.

    now my question, is there anything i can do to prevent this? its not like id stink, deodorants work pretty good but it still annoys me like hell.

    any ideas?

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    If you smoke then if you can.....give up smoking

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    i dont smoke tho

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    Learn the powerful relaxation technique of AUTOGENICS....It may ease your tensions and halt your nervy sweating

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    timaru, considering you like fragrances, you probably know that certain clothes can make you sweat more, depending on the fabric.

    Now, it can be from the things you eat(if it's not sweating because you're nervous).

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    Use anti-perspirants like Certain Dri or Secret Clinical strength and put them on the night before to let them work their way into the skin. Then re-apply regular anti-p after your morning shower.

    If the sweating is really fierce your doctor can prescribe treatment, including Botox (Stars do it before awards shows, it really works)

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    Default Re: sweating, any help?

    okay, thanks for the tips, il give em a try.
    yeah, i do know about the clothes, it has nothing to do with it as im not wearing much cheap synthetic polyester.none actually.
    and guidion i actually know how to use autogenics, just never thought of it regarding this topic.
    anyway, thanks.

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