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    Default PotL classification

    Can someone tell me how PotL (Luctor et Emergo) would be classified? I'm posting this here because it seems to be quite a basic question.

    It's one of my very favourite fragrances, but it has a strange spiciness to it, and I usually dislike spiciness in scent.
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    Smile Re: PotL classification

    I class this as a fruity / gourmand...

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    Default Re: PotL classification

    A woody oriental.
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    Default Re: PotL classification

    I've been told gourmand by the people who get a Cherry Heering sort of note to it. Sadly on me it goes to a perfect simulacrum of Play-Doh.

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    Default Re: PotL classification

    gourmand is very subjective to the person wearing..... good you brought this up, sometimes its really not easy trying to generi-fy a particular scent. most of the time what I percieve and purchase as gourmand is lik poison to those around me, givenchy gentleman being one of them.... - - - - - - -my opinion that is

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    Default Re: PotL classification

    Michael Edwards agrees with mikeperez23, he classifies it as a rich Woody Oriental: Luctor et Emergo
    [click on link, then click on Luctor et Emergo]
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    Default Re: PotL classification

    Thanks for the link, TwoRoads. I keep forgetting what a great resource the Michael Edwards fragrance directory is.

    I think that "rich" leaves enough room for "gourmand" to some people's noses. In my opinion, the fragrance directory seems a bit scattergun on assignment of "gourmand". Take, for instance, Gucci by Gucci EDP, which gets MOSSY WOODS with Crisp and Gourmand qualifiers, whereas Hanae Mori H.M. gets WOODY ORIENTAL with a Fresh qualifier. Personally, I think that adding the Gourmand qualifier to H.M. would be justified. I know that around here, people often think of it as gourmand above all. I wouldn't quibble with the order myself - just inclusion.

    I don't know what Play-Doh is classified as, tmp00, but I love that scent image!!!
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