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    Default SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    Welcome fellow Basenoters to the Basenotes International Convention. It has been a busy summer here in Basenotes City as the Scentlympics have just left and now the fragrant delegates from all over the world have gathered here to discuss the scented issues of the day.
    The Basenotes General Chairman Grant Osborne has just gaveled the first session into order. This will be a busy four days of stats as we work from Week 26, to SotM for August to SotQ for June-August and finally finishing with SotHY as the stat-keeping experiment hits its halfway point.
    We begin with the Week 26 stats.
    1,134 posts were logged in this week marking the fourth straight week of over 1,100 posts.
    718 individual scents were mentioned setting a new all-time high.
    516 of them were mentioned just once also setting a new high and the first time that number has crossed 500.
    The individuality index is 45.0% and while that isnít the highest index ever it is the highest for a week with over 1,000 posts.
    The big 5 Houses this week were in their glory and they account for 6 of the top 10 this week. Leading the way in every possible way was Guerlain with 74 wears over 28 scents and the top two scents in Guerlain Vetiver and Jicky which both represent gender specific tops as well. It was a Guerlain World this week. Next comes Creed with 56 wears over 22 scents and three scents in the top 10 led by Green Irish Tweed and Vintage Tabarome. Bois du Portugal was one wear behind its two Housemates. Serge Lutens had 43 wears over 19 scents but no scent made the top 10 with Musc Kublai Khan being the most worn Lutens. Hermes had 40 wears over 16 scents with Terre DíHermes bouncing back from last weekís near miss to find itself in third position.
    Finally, Chanel had a pretty interesting week with 32 wears over 21 scents down almost half from last week. Also interestingly was that no single scent had more than 3 wears so the distribution over the House was pretty uniform. Platuinum Egoiste and Egoiste were the leaders. Funnily enough two of the three Egoiste wears were from the womenís side this week. The big five accounted for 245 wears (21.4%) over 106 scents (14.8%).
    In the other houses we saw new weekly highs for three houses; Floris, Cartier, and Neil Morris. The Floris jump doesnít seem to have a good explanation. The Cartier high-water mark was led by the testing of the new Cartier Roadster and a womenís mini-wear of Delices in the middle of the week. Neil Morris has been going hot and heavy since the discount offered to Basenotes members and this week with it winding down, we mustíve seen a spate of last-minute testing to determine last-minute buying. The same effect has been seen with Montale and those house numbers have been elevated and steady since Maisonstinkyís banner ad appeared. The interesting thing is Black Aoud is getting competition for the most worn Montale from Red Vetyver and this week they ended in a tie. Another house which had a huge week was Kenzo also powered by the testing of its new Kenzo Power. Bond No. 9 and Bvlgari are staying at or near recent high levels. LíArtisan and Comme des Garcons are still trending downward. Comme des Garcons trends are directly related to how well Hinoki and Vettiveru do in a given week. There are always a decent amount of Comme des Garcons scents posted in any given week but the house levels move sharply depending on how Vettiveru and Hinoki do. The Different Company saw its totals decrease by 66% after three very strong weeks. Jo Malone is heading the other direction as it had a 100% increase after three pretty anemic weeks. Finally, By Killian had close to its best week ever and almost had a Basenotes Bingo coming one scent short of having every scent in the house worn at least once. Straight to Heaven finished just outside the top 10.
    On the individual side the remaining four scents in the top 10 were led by Tauer LíAir du Desert Marocain. This scent has seen particularly high levels in three of the last four weeks and more wear from the women in those same weeks. Iím not sure why the sudden influx of female wears but it is boosting its totals. Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme and Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire continue their warm weather winning streaks. The final member of the top 10 is Lalique Encre Noir. I think this is here based solely on the amount of talk about it on the Male Fragrance forum. The talk started about 10 days ago and then it started to get worn and it crescendoed last weekend with 5 of the 8 wears coming on Saturday or Sunday. As the chatter has died down so have the Encre Noir wears.
    Here now the full slate of top 10 scents for Week 26 August 23rd -29th, 2008
    1.) Guerlain Vetiver 17 wears (1.5%)
    2.) Guerlain Jicky 15 wears (1.3%)
    3.) Hermes Terre DíHermes 14 wears (1.2%)
    4.) Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme 11 wears (1.0%)
    5.) Tauer LíAir du Desert Marocain 10 wears (0.9%)
    6.) Creed Green Irish Tweed 9 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Creed Vintage Tabarome 9 wears (0.8%)
    6.) Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire 9 wears (0.8%)
    9.) Creed Bois du Portugal 8 wears (0.7%)
    9.) Lalique Encre Noir 8 wears (0.7%)

    In the just missed category were just two scents Caron pour Un Homme and Serge Lutens Musc Kublai Khan. The most interesting grouping was the scents with 5 wears this week as they represent a number of scents introduced this year. That starts with Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki and Estee Lauder Sensuous as the clear leaders for new menís and womenís scent for 2008 based on the wears. This week saw the emergence of some potential challengers for the Hinoki crown as Kenzo Power, Montale Red Vetyver and Cartier Roadster all got good introductory wears this week. With Guerlain Homme, Dior Homme Sport and Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue looming out there it will be interesting to see if the status quo on the new scent side gets shaken up.
    Thatís it for the keynote speech from the Basenotes International Convention. Iíll see all of you magnificently scented people again for Scent of the Month when we convene again.
    Until then you keep wearing Ďem and Iíll keep counting Ďem.
    Have a well-fragranced week.

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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    Thanks ScentSon for another fascinating look at our little community.

    The last I knew, Floris did not have a US distributor. Has that changed?
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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    Excellent work...........

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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    thanks for these stats!!
    good stuff, so keep the posting up everyone!

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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    Absolutely stunning work, SMM! I don't how you find time to do this, but I'm grateful.
    YSL Rive Gauche is the only one in the top 10 that I contributed to...
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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    Alright! Looks like tropical storm Kenzo might even be bigger than hurricane Hinoki! We've got some potential excitement coming. Once again we're in your debt, Metro Man. Very cool information.
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    Default Re: SotW August 23rd-29th, 2008

    LOL! Good job man!

    Someone should code a crawler for the SOTD threads that keeps a spreadsheet for ya.
    top ten: L'Air du Desert Marocain, Black Aoud, Le Labo Rose 31, Bois du Portugal, Incense Rose, Millesime Imperial, Czech & Speake no.88, Terre de Hermes, Musc Ravageur, Nasomatto Duro

    Best layers: GIT and TdH, GIT and BA

    sample wishlist: Roses Musk

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