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Thread: Jimmy Jane

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    Default Jimmy Jane

    Anyone try the Jimmy Jane fragrances? Sounds wicked cool!


    The crisp scent of WIT boosts spirits and sparks the intellect. The fragrance derives its energetic citrus notes from Bergamot and Grapefruit, its green lift from Violet Leaf, and its intrigue from the woody depths of Sandalwood. Bright and engaging, WIT is an introduction you can't wait to meet again.


    CHARM evokes just-picked flowers and the rich earth clinging to their roots. Linden Blossom and Bulgarian Rose are complemented by the warmth of Blue Tansy and confidence of Coffee Arabica. CHARM is immediately likable, but it's the sense of possibility that holds attention.


    The rich tones of KINK are a provocation. The leather and tobacco depth of Vetiver and Black Pepper are cut with Elemi's liquor edge. Floating unexpectedly over this foundation is the subtlety of White Lotus. Sophisticated, yet reckless – KINK’s contradictions are the essence of its allure.

    Larry gave me his leisure suit.

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    I was gifted these by a merchant that got them as a promo pak. KINK is amazing...I'm just sayin'!
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    Default Re: Jimmy Jane

    LOL...I just browsed around the website. Perhaps our bretheren who are always looking for "aphrodisiac" effects via a scent might be interested in trying these out ;-)

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    Fragrance/Music/ 15 min. of fame/(not Bowie)

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