Hi Everyone!

As I have been saving hard for my forthcoming trip to Orlando in September I have not had much chance to purchase new fragrance (hope to get one or two worthwhile itms when over in the States, will wait and see what happens, but I have had the chance to try a few of the new releases here in the UK!

First fragrance I got t sample was the new limited edition of A-Men Pure Coffee. Really enjoyed this one, the Coffee in the top notes was simply divine, but I felt that the fragrance soon diverged into the original version, which is a shame as I can get a 30ml bottle of A-Men for £10 rather than pay £45 for Pure Coffee. Seriously, I was execting a price of between £30 - £35 for this one, but too overpriced for my budget.

Next up is Infusion D'Homme by Prada. I have to say that thi is one great fragrance, with the Iris appearing on my skin right from the start, before the subtle entry of the Neroli and Benzion. I was lucky enough to be given a 8ml minature of this by the sales assistant but I am still considering a purchase of this in Orlando if I can get a good price in the duty free!

At the same time I obtained a sample of the new Roadster fragrance by Cartier. I really enjoyed the minty freshnesss in the opening of this fragrance, followed by some citrus sensations. As a vanilla fan I found the drydown to e great, although I am 50 50 on the purchase of this one. Have to say that the bottle is very classy, but perhaps a better price would entice me more!

After that I managed to acquire a sample of the new Guerlain Homme fragrance. Not too keen on the bottle design but this is a great fragrance!! Intially I found the Citrus top notes to be a bit too sharp, and I miss the Mojito note which is disappointing. However, the inclusion of rhubard in the juice is a masterstroke in my opinion, as it it really balances the fragrance leaving me to enoy it for hours, even more so when the delightful and creamy woods follow through! You can be sure that I will be purchasing this one, one of the summer's highlights!

I also tested Kenzo Power on my skin, which is a fantastic floral and light citrus scent. It definately reminds heavily of Serge Lutens Fleur d'Citronner, has a good lastability and good looking bottle. I am pobably going to wait until after Christmas and pick up the box set of this one at a reduced rate as Frasers and Debenhams always seem to have Kenzo box sets going really cheap afterwards!

The last fragrances I have tried are the two Givenchy Play fragrances. I managed to get a sample in a tear open wrapper of the regular scent, and found the citrus meets sweetness of the fragrace too generic for my liking, and it only lasts about four hours on my skin, which is realy poor as I tend to get 6 - 8 hours minimum on most fragrances. The Intense version is better, although very linear, and at £50 you would have to pay the price for it. That money would go a long way to a nice niche fragrance that doesn't come in a crappy MP3 bottle! If looking for something similar try Zegna Intense, much better fragrance in a sophisitcated bottle design, and much less expensive too!!

I will keep adding tthis thread as I get more fragrance to try! Paco Rabanne's 1 Million and Armani "Diamonds for Men" should be hitting the shelves very soon, as will Loewe's "Solo Intense" and Canali "Style".

Coming shortly after that will be Wolfgang Joop, Calvin Klein "Euphoria Intense" Giorgio Perla "Hedo White" and Lalique "White" which I look forward to, as well as the first "Winter edition" fragrance of Burberry London, which is said t be a warmer and spicier version of the original! Wait and see how many winter editions we will see in a few years time, it will be a big thing real soon I guess!