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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    L'Instant de Guerlain and Viktor&Rolf Antidote are amongst my favorite "less sweet" orientals. Michael Kors is also pretty good. Depending on how you define "not-too-sweet," Escada PH may be nice too.

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Halston Catalyst. I second Witness and Escada as well.

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    I tried Polo Double Black at the Ralph Lauren Outlet store this past smells, remarkably, like Opium PH to me...though, yes, it's a bit more "dry."

    Nice enough.

    Habit Rouge is a great suggestion, and one I will certainly wear....I have to get a new bottle though!

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Muscs Koublai Khan (less sweet than Musc Ravageur and more interesting)
    Miel de Bois

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Tiffany for Men is on the line between oriental and chyrpe, and it absolutely fantastic with no sweetness at all.

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Gucci Pour Homme 2 is an excellent Oriental IMO and it doesn't get cloying in the summer heat.

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    I agree with M7. Also, what about Obsession? I don't seem to remember it being sweet.
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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    I'd recommend Anvers (original)... and would second the Tiffany for Men and Pasha de Cartier suggestions. Happy hunting...

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Quote Originally Posted by rompip View Post

    Not to split hairs, but isn't Kouros in the fougere or chypre category?

    Sorry, I'm just sayin'.........

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Quote Originally Posted by phibess View Post
    Habit Rouge EDC is an excellent choice IMO.

    I found both Egoiste & M7 very sweet, M7 being sirupy sweet to my nose.

    Bois du Portugal, Gucci PH (2003) or Dunhill Edition come to mind as nice orientals.. not overly sweet..
    I didn't know that Gucci PH (2003) would be conciderd oriental !!!!

    Witness by Bougart
    Escada PH
    Habit Rouge EDC
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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    Would M7 fresh and Habit Rouge Legere still qualify for this? I haven't tried them yet and that's why I want to know.
    Immediate Wishlist: CDG Palisander/Avignon

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    Default Re: Not-too-sweet orientals?

    I'm glad to see Double Black getting some love here. Despite the funny name, this is a well made and non-trivial scent.
    I know that Givenchy Gentleman more closely fits the profile of a chypre but I want to suggest it as a possibility anyway. To me the tarragon/cinnamon, and patchouli/rosewood accords give this one a spicy and dense quality that seems oriental in spirit. The effect seems something like Vetiver Oriental where densely rendered vetiver is made to read as a spice.

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