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    Default SotHY March-August 2008

    Welcome Back to the fourth and final day of the Baenotes International Convention. On this final day we will look at the six-month snapshot of the Basenotes Community as evidenced by their posts in the SotD threads. The numbers since March 1st, 2008 are as such.
    23,949 posts covering 3,259 scents of which 1,236 of these were worn only once for an individuality index of 5.2%. If you extend the totals to scents worn 2,3,or 4 times the number rises to 15.5%.
    I now present to you the crème de la crème of the Basenotes Community.

    1.) Hermes Terre D’Hermes (345 wears, 1.4%)-----If I was looking to find the answer to the question what is the most popular men’s scent I’ve definitely found it. Terre D’Hermes has been worn by the most different users as well as being the most worn scent. There is over a 100 wear gap down to the number two scent. 100 wears!. Say what you will about it good or bad its popularity is undeniable.
    2.) Guerlain Vetiver (244 wears, 1.0%)------Twin scent of a different mother to Terre D’Hermes. This is a scent which has clearly stood the test of time to become a classic. Time will tell if Terre D’Hermes can age so gracefully.
    3.) Creed Green Irish Tweed ( 180 wears, 0.8%)-----Early on in this process I thought Bois du Portugal would be the Creed standard bearer but as the weather warmed up Bois du Portugal faded and GIT stayed the course.
    3.) Yves St. Lauren Rive Gauche pour Homme (180 wears, 0.8%)-----This started off a little slow in the first couple of months of tracking but over the last couple of months it has been a titan posting larger and larger numbers. I am very curious to see if this is a warm-weather phenomenon or not.
    5.) Guerlain Jicky (150 wears, 0.6%)-----The women were added to the count in May and if Terre D’Hermes is the hands down champ for the men Jicky is the same to the women. It is also worn by more different users than any other ladies’ scent.
    6.) Guerlain Habit Rouge (147 wears, 0.6%)------Guerlain has three of the top 6 scents as a house. This is why it is the biggest house around. Habit Rouge was another scent which was not around much in March or April but once May started so did Habit Rouge’s regular appearances in the weekly top 10.
    6.) Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain (147 wears, 0.6%)------A true artistic triumph as this is the smallest house represented in the top 10. L’Air du Desert Marocain is the most unisex scent in the top 10 but the men still out wear the women 3 to 1 over the last six months.
    8.) Dior Homme (137 wears, 0.6%)------This is one of those yo-yo scents which have incredibly high weeks followed by weeks of hardly any wear. I’m not sure what that says about it but those are the facts.
    9.) Creed Bois du Portugal (136 wears, 0.6%)--------Until recently this scent had fallen off the radar screen as soon as we hit the summer months. In the first two months of keeping track this looked to be one of the big stars of the community until it flamed out in the sun. This has been the best example of a scent which has great support when the weather is cooler and almost none when the heat is on.
    10.) Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki (135 wears, 0.6%)------Thjs has been Exhibit A in how a scent goes from testing to acceptance. In the end of April through May there was a lot of testing of this scent and overall positive chatter about it in the forums over June through August that testing turned into buying and regular wearing. The new men’s scent of 2008, so far.
    10.) Yves St. Laurent Kouros (135 wears, 0.6%)-------The other yo-yo scent in the top 10. when Kouros is on it posts double digit weeks and when its not it posts zeroes. There is a lot of debate on this scent in the community and sometime it seems to play itself out in its wear patterns.

    Well here we are at the halfway point of this little experiment. I can not wait to see what the last six months will reveal. I thank each and everyone who has conveyed to me how much they enjoy this. Not half as much as I’ve enjoyed watching this fabulous community. You guy and gals are the best. Let’s see what the second half shows us.
    As always, you keep wearing ‘em and I’ll keep counting ‘em
    Have a well-fragranced week.

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    Default Re: SotHY March-August 2008

    Wow SMM you are really tearing up the WWW! All the composite statistic threads have been great reading!

    I agree it will be interesting to see how the list looks with year-round perspective. I wonder how much a seasonal emphasis will affect the figures?

    Thanks so much
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