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    Question Grey Flannel

    I have been a heavy user and a huge fan of GF in the past (80's). Recently I purchased a bottle, probably in a sentimental mood or so...

    It did not smell at all like it did back then. I remember GF as a very natural/authentic smell, with a slight medicinal/powdery touch to it. It was strong but certainly not overwhelming. Now it smells chemical to me, it resembles the "old" GF but it definitely is different.

    Has GF been reformulated? Did they switch to less expensive artificial ingredients???

    Or is it me and the old hormones playing up?

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel

    GF is my all time favourite. I love the violets and the way they are incorporated into the symphony. It disappeared for quite a while in Australia, but it resurfaced a couple of years ago and I was ecstatic. However, I don't detect any change. Luckily.

    However, I did purchase a bottle of Caron's Third Man recently. Another big favourite. My impression of that matches yours of GF. An oh so subtle difference. The bottle has changed dramatically too.

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    Thanks, Trufflehunter. I am goint to give Third Man a go then. Just read some other reviews and it just may be the rhing for me! Thanks again!

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    I think I might have given you the wrong impression, Ob1. When I was comparing your impression of GF to Caron's Third Man, I meant that the new bottle to me smells slightly different to the one I remember from the late 80's. I certainly didn't mean it smells similar to GF. Although it is a magnificent frag and if you like GF, I think you'll like it. It's much softer though.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel

    OK, thanks for clarifying. I'll give it a try anyways. Who knows, maybe I'll like it.

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    I don't know whether you guys still pick up the Fahrenheitesque (sic!) basenotes in Grey Flannel, but for me they're still there. I wonder if they were there back in the 80s?

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    I think Fahrenheit comes closer to GF than any other fragrance I know of and in fact does not have that synthetic element to it GF now has. GF used to be as authentic as Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit has the same powdery/medicinal quality. Obviously I am a big fan of Fahrenheit since its introduction. It's a great fragrance!!!

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel

    The bottle of Grey Flannel that I recently bought. It did strike me as having a "thinner" feel to the fragrance - not quite as full and rounded in the nose. But still pretty much as I remember it. I just chalked it up to not recalling it correctly.

    Perfumers do have to redo their scents for a number of reasons: ingredients no longer available (or no longer allowed to be used), changes in preferences in the market, etc.

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