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    Default Re: UK female Perfumista wanted for interview / possible freebie too

    The basic premise seems to be that as a lover of perfumes I belong to 'a growing band of fashion fanatics'. I fail to recongise myself in that description. As the piece was written for The Daily Mail, a sensationalist celebrity-obsessed rag, I'm not surprised by the fashion-victim tone in parts of the article. What's all that stuff about handbags and shoes? It doesn't relate to me in any way.

    In any poll of Top Ten perfumes, even perfumistas will list ones that are fairly easy to find at a reasonable price, though I concede that many are overpriced to start with in high street stores. On the other hand, you can pick up a bottle of e.g. Roma by Laura Biagiotti, or Byzance by Rochas, and many more treasures, for relative peanuts in The Perfume Shop chain stores.

    That a perfume lover will go on to seek out more than can be found in the high street is hardly unusual. The same can be said of anyone with a passion for something. Never ones to eschew a fast buck or the allure of mystique, houses like Guerlain (bloody vandals) will jump on this and manipulate the market, creating yet more exclusivity in their range. Once again, hardly unusual behaviour inside or outside of corporate business.

    A follow-up article on the destruction of masterpieces would not go amiss, and concentrate on the aesthetics. It might not be lurid enough for the Daily Mail, though. It would have to be accompanied by a grainy photo with the caption 'First pictures of Mitsouko killer's hidden lair'.

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    Default Re: UK female Perfumista wanted for interview / possible freebie too

    Your headline is killing, Sestra!

    Actually I was once interviewed for a feature in the Money pages of the News of the World (amazingly, they do have one!) to do with those current account mortgages where your savings offset your mortgage. The article focused majorly on the benefit of "payment holidays", even though I had clearly told the journalist I didn't think I would ever use this facility, but had got the mortgage with the aim of making "overpayments" to clear my debt sooner. However, after sustained probing, he had got me to concede that such a facility would be useful in theory if I ever went through a bad patch workwise - and when they published the article it had some cheesey title about this product being "a safety net in hard times" or some such nonsense, which made me look like a bit of a loser. Hopefully none of my clients take the NOTW....

    Now in this piece in the Mail the quotes from Chaoskitty look absolutely fine ie they would be true of many of us - owning many bottles, the hunt for occasional rare things etc - but the general slant of the piece does strike me as very fashionista-ish. That deeper bond we have with perfume - quite unrelated to things like being seen to be "on-trend" - isn't coming through at all.
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    Default Re: UK female Perfumista wanted for interview / possible freebie too

    My headline would have been more accurate if I'd included the word 'Evil'. For those unfamiliar with the Daily Mail, it would have given a better idea of its general tone. The DM sees the world as Evil, then delights in bringing 'First pictures of evil nnn....' Will they ever print the Last picture?

    The article wasn't that bad, but it assumes a natural connection between someone with style, and someone just following fashion. The two may not be related at all. It also suggests perfumistas will fall for anything if it's expensive enough.

    Chaoskitty is clearly a woman of estimable style and elan!

    I'm sure your clients would sooner insert pudenda-shaped vegetables in to one another's derrieres than read TNOTW.........................oh, I see.

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    Default Re: UK female Perfumista wanted for interview / possible freebie too

    The odd thing is, that MimiPompom initiated that thread on "People who are passionate about fragrance", and we all poured our hearts out there, and it is quite apparent from scrolling down that the "must have IT bag" motivation is not a main driver - I'd argue, not one at all - for most perfumistas. So it is funny that there was all that raw data on what makes us tick and the role perfume plays in our lives and she sort of rode a coach and horses through it with her "on trend"/"fashionista" premise - and yes, there is a big distinction between being stylish and yearning after designer brands.

    So I enjoyed it, and thought it extremely well written and researched, and yet the angle continues to trouble me!

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