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    Default Baldessarini Concentree.

    I`ve tried the original Baldessarini Eau de Cologne & I like it.Is the Concentree very similar with more longevity or completely different?Anyone tried both can give their views.All thoughts appreciated.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini Concentree.

    As far as I know it's simply a higher concentration. This can result in some notes seeming to be more prominent though.
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    Default Re: Baldessarini Concentree.

    I was looking for this not long ago and had a hard time finding it.

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    Default Re: Baldessarini Concentree.

    the Concentree is lil sweeter than the original, but has excellent staying power. the real beauty is the EDC warrants to have both in the same wardrobe....maybe experiment a lil with layering the two! would be interesting.

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