I am from the US and I didn't get all the store names or the streets so I apologize.

I was staying at the NH right next to the train station. When you walk out of the hotel, there is a street that dead ends into the hotel. I walked down that and came to a cross street where there is a Karstadt on the corner. Karstadt had a real good selection. They also had a good selection of Serge Lutens.

If you walk out of the Karstadt and turn right. You only need to walk about 100m and there is a Douglass and another store I didn't get the name of. If you turn left and walk a short bit, there is another Douglass.

Douglass had AdP and a pretty good selection of designer frags.

The other perfumerie across the street had Creed, Penhaligons and Floris. They also had the usual designer frags.