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    Default YSL: men's offerings and reformulations (long!)

    I've been thinking about this for a few days (which is somewhat hazardous to my health ) and became curious about the men's offerings. Is it possible that none of the YSL's had been tampered with? I've read the rumours about Kouros, but those never were confirmed as far as I know.

    If this is so, it is a real :wave::bounce: in my book! I see that Kouros Eau de Sport and Jazz Prestige have been discontinued. There are also flankers to many of the originals, but I don't see or have read that the originals have been reformulated due to whatever.

    I've seen here and elsewhere that some of the ladies' offerings had been tampered with - Rive Gauche comes to mind. But then again, the legendary Opium EdT. Apparently it's still the same juice that saw the light in 1977

    For me this brings two questions to mind. Do they rather discontinue someting that doesn't sell well or appease the masses, than to alter the formulation? Also, do they use ingredients of such a nature that there is no need to get alternatives e.g. banned animal or plant notes?

    BTW - thanks to all who responded when I asked about which complete offering to get (Guerlain vs YSL). Especially those who gave me the wake-up call about the hundreds of Geurlains on the market - many that had been reformulated) I guess YSL is one for me
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    Default Re: YSL: men's offerings and reformulations (long!)

    I'm almost positive that Kouros was reformulated at some point... Don't know about the others...

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    Default Re: YSL: men's offerings and reformulations (long!)

    I dunno, but I love all the YSL men's stuff....just got a bottle of the original Pour Homme (or at least I think it's original--did they reformulate??!?!)---

    Eventually I'll pick up Rive Gauche, Kouros and Body Kouros too....

    I stopped at their store in SF yesterday, looking for M7 Fresh, and was told it was discontinued....

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    Default Re: YSL: men's offerings and reformulations (long!)

    I do not know it they have been reformulated.
    But if you like the current offerings, why would a previous reformulation be bad?
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    Default Re: YSL: men's offerings and reformulations (long!)

    Some weeks ago I started a thread on the "possible" reformulation of Kouros.

    In case you didn't read, jellybean 1973:

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