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    Default Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne reformulation question?

    I love Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne by Guerlain.

    I tested the EdT and the Light, and prefer the EdC.

    I own the EdC splash bottle from 1980 (I know this, because the box says 'Copyright 1980' on the back). The bottle is square and the box is burgundy and it has those lightning bolt watermark design in the burgundy. Like this:

    I am assuming this smells different than the newer HR EdC that you see on shelves now (tall, rectangular bottle). But I'd like to hear from those who have smelled both - can you detect a difference in them?
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne reformulation question?

    I also have the splash bottle only, (copyright 1980) - btw, afaik that is the year when the bottle design was launched or created, the actual fragrance+bottle could have been made in the 80s/90s.

    I do not own the most recent EDC however, this thread might help if you read the last bit of scentemental's post:

    On the other hand, the thread is 3 years old so who knows?

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge Eau de Cologne reformulation question?

    I have the new EDC and it is my favorite Habit Rouge; Although I still do like the EDT; I find they layer quite well.

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