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    Default Greetings!

    Hi All, just brief introductions: I'm Andy, for years I just had a standard complement of unexceptional bottles, some Jovan white musk, some bath & body works scents, not much besides, 4 or 5 bottles in total. I didn't even pay attention to this aspect of my wardrobe enough to use them frequently; the same bottles lasted a decade without adding any or running out. A year ago, a new job started to demand more formal wardrobe in certain circumstances and it came to my attention that my colognes were not up to the task. I tried buying a few bottles off Ebay and got burned 4 out of 5 times. No free lunch; I'm afraid replicas account for a vast majority of Ebay's offerings. Got a fake bottle of CK Be, a fake bottle of CK One and a fake bottle of D&G Light Blue.

    So I did a little more reconnaissance and bought a few bottles blind from a website that has turned out to be MUCH less expensive than any competition, and fully reputable. (PM me if you're interested.) I bought 8 or 10 bottles blind, based on reviews, and enjoyed them thoroughly; so recently I have expanded my collection considerably.

    Since then I have gotten very much in to the fragrances, it's a whole new pleasure and something to enjoy throughout the day, something that just wasn't there before. I also have a bit of the collector's bug, and this is a fun and interesting thing to collect. Much of my current 'wardrobe' of fragrances, since the original dozen or so bottles, has been informed by the reviews on this website.

    At the moment I'm willing to trade 99% full bottles of Dunhill Desire and YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration (this one has its box, the Dunhill does not). Sorry for the cross-posting but I'm prohibited from participation in the trading forum and it may be some time until I have accumulated 500 posts.

    Look forward to participating in the forum and learning more about fragrances through the site!



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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Welcome Andy!

    It sounds like you found the right site too. Be careful of buying everything that smells good to/on you though. With the thousands of frags available that could put you in the poor house. although I could use some company there

    About your offer to trade frags in your post here, I believe the Forum Rules prohibit sales/swap offers in any posts outside the regular Items For Sale or Items For Swap forums themselves, with some exceptions allowed in your 'signature'. --check the Forum Rules for that. You can use the Edit feature if you want to change your post.

    Don't want to wait a year or for 500 posts? Then become a Basenotes Supporter. For $5/month or $50/year it is a bargain and..every little bit helps defray the considerable costs Grant has to keep this site alive and growing:

    "To post a new thread to the swap and sale boards you will need to meet any one of the following criteria.
    be a supporting member
    have made over 500 posts
    have been a member for over one year. "

    Anyway, great to have you here and I look forward to reading your posts.

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Hey Andy, Welcome, it is a pleasure to meet you. Awesome first post, sounds like you have been bitten by the bug. I was bitten back in July 2008 and it is wonderful, I have learned a tremendous amount of information from Basenotes and, as aresult, have tried a lot of new fragrances both mainstream and niche. Stick around and enjoy!

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Welcome man. There's alot to be said for researching frags. I think it's a great way to buy when one cannot possible sample everything that interests you. Basenotes is the perfect place to do just that and then garner other info ( and laughs) on the community boards.

    Best of luck with your expanding wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Howdy Andy, Nice to meet 'cha!
    Sorry ta' hear that Y'all got burnt on eBay... I feel for ya. However, now that Y'all have arrived @ the best fragrance website on earth, you can forget all those bad eBay 'deals' - tha' sale boards here are INSANE!
    Yr. wallet will never be tha' same'. (You will smell really good,tho')

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Thanks all - and sure enough, I will drop some change in the bucket. The Jaguar enthusiast forum I frequent has similar challenges I won't buy every fragrance... the collector's bug does satiate itself after a while... but the very nice thing about this forum is trading, I think. That's something that'll keep it interesting without being a constant money pit.

    Besides... I'm already running out of room to keep my collection!

    This does seem like a particularly nice group of folks. Looking forward to it!

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