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    Default Re: Fragrances are not made for "us" (basenoters)

    Very interesting are these few insights in the industry. They are the top of the iceberg.
    There is a solution to this situation; as the Nike advertisement was saying "problems are general, solutions are individual".
    I would like very much to meet you. We are only a few hours distance, if you come to Italy, be my guest.
    AbdesSalaam Attar

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    Default Re: Fragrances are not made for "us" (basenoters)

    Just read this thread. Great stuff, Alex. Keep us posted on your adventures. . and misadventures. . . i sit in my corporate office 13 hours/day wondering what the hell its all for, but you have followed your passion and i salute the hell out of you for doing so.

    Regardless of what you experience that upsets you or disappoints you the key thiing to remember is that you are learning, and more importantly, always remember that you are not disappointing yourself because you are following your dreams.

    How many can say that?

    Keep us posted. I'd love to hear more about everything!

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    Default Re: Fragrances are not made for "us" (basenoters)

    Thank you for reviving this thread; I hadn't read it before.

    Alex, you know already from the PM we once exchanged that I wish you the best of luck - though today, I read your post very differently to how I would have read it even a few weeks ago.

    I'm now also a trainee perfumer (and it's such a fresh development that I probably say it and write it more for myself, just so I'll start believing it). But unlike your official perfumery school, I'm being trained in-house with two independent family perfumers (and I will also study on an IFEAT diploma course alongside).

    Initially they've asked me to learn about the quality control side, costings, compounding and rumours of adulteration of natural oils by suppliers. I will also be going on some buying trips, to test the quality at source. It's an incredible opportunity - and in a way, though I may never grow to be considered a "proper perfumer" by the industry, in my job, I realise I am lucky. The guys I work for buy more essential oils than almost anyone in the world (beaten only by Chanel), and unlike traditional constraints of trying to get the juice down to horribly restrictive budgets, in this company, I'll be allowed to experiment beyond that. I'll be lucky if I ever get to a point where I can work on finished perfume, but even being exposed to this way of working feels like a lotto win.

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    Default Re: Fragrances are not made for "us" (basenoters)

    Great post Alex. agree, agree, agree... Well, If you happen to create your own perfumes, jut toss em to basenoters and see what they say on yours...

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