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    Default Need help finding a scent for my girlfriend

    Good evening ladies, I come to you because I need a hand picking out a scent for my girlfriend as a gift, she just started nursing school and I want to get her a present.

    She doesn't have that many perfumes, my enthusiasm however is inspiring her to go and try more

    Currently the only two she has are both from me:
    Carties Baiser du Dragon and
    L'Air Du Temps EDP

    She also have a few blended oils from a health food store that she wears.

    What I've been doing is everything I put on a fragrance and she's around, I'll have her smell it throughout the drydown, point out the notes as best as I can (i'm still an amateur too !) and she what she likes and doesnt

    She likes heavier/darker rose, leather, patchouili, tea, a little powder, amber, ambergris, light florals, musk, and woods.

    Also, she *loves* anything vintage or retro, so the older the better. I got her a sample of Tabac Blonde, she thinks it might be a touch too mature for her tastes and a little heavy, but she loves the smell.

    I think she could pull off a tea fragrance beautifully in the cooling weather, what would a good woman's tea scent be? I know Tea for Tea fits the bill, but I think she is more into fragrances with more nuances in the pyramid of notes.

    Thank you all in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Need help finding a scent for my girlfriend

    I think you should just take her to the mall and sniff around and see what she likes. Have her try some on. Buying perfume for someone is so tricky sometimes with the whole body chemisty thing and of course whether or not they will like it.

    Some of my favs....

    Rose....Stella by Stella McCartney, Narciso Rodriguez for her, So In Love by Victoria's Secret (this is a heavy rose)

    Leather....Kelly Caleche

    Patchouli....Aveda Patchouli Oil, Belle En Rykiel, Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Delicious Night by DKNY, So In Love, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

    Tea....Au The Rouge by Bulgari

    Powder....L'Instant Magic by Guerlain, Chanel No.19

    Amber....Prada Amber, Belle En Rykiel

    Florals....Versace EDP, Flowerbomb, Pleasure by EL, Spring Flower by Creed, Aimez Moi by Caron

    Musk & Woods....Black Orchid, Delicious Night, So In Love, Trouble by Boucheron, Ange Ou Demon by Givenchy, Omnia by Bulgari, Prada Amber, Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Dzongkha by L'Artisan, Organza Indecence by Givenchy, Angel by Thierry Mugler

    Some other favs right now....Alien by Theirry Mugler, Silver Moutain Water by Creed, Elixir des Mervielles by Hermes, Diamonds by Armani, and newly added Madame by JPG.

    Good luck! Tell her good luck with school. I hope to enter the nursing program myself in about 2 years. I'm working on my prereq's now.
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