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    Andy Tauer´s L'Air du désert marocain EdT, is it a safe blind buy or not?

    It sounds lovely but someone compared it to Arabie from Sl which is way too strong and smells like cloves to me, which I detest.

    I like Tea for Two though...

    To buy blind or not to buy blind?

    I plan to place a decent order today on my list are Montale Sweet Oriental Dream ( maisonstinky if you read this, I´m sorry but I cannot wait to get it) and Bandit, and a few samples.

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    Dang - if I hadn't just (finally) sent the package your way I would have slipped some in!

    It's personally one of my favorites - but with anything, it's best to try it first before investing. Unless you are getting an absolutely astounding deal on it - in which case, go for it!
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    It´s 60 euros, not astonishing but not bad either I think.

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    Hi Lian

    I very much admire that fragrance, and love the drydown when it comes, but find the opening - indeed the first couple of hours if I am truthful - too sharply spicy. Now I do enjoy a number of spicy scents, so it isn't as though I am against spice on principle, as I am civet! If you like Ormonde Jayne's Taif, it is considerably spicier than that in my view. I would sample first - though I guess if you made a mistake with a FB, there would be a lot of people happy to take it off your hands...

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    Its one of my top 4 of all time, so I can only sing its praises, however, I think you'd be best sampling it first

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    Sample, sample, sample. While we may agree on what constitutes a masterful olfactory compostion, we will all differ on what is FBW.

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    I love it, but I never consider anything a "safe" blind buy unless there's someone to take it off my hands if it goes tragically wrong..

    Write to Andy and see if he'd send you a sample for a nominal amount. He's a friendly chap..

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    Well I decided to be cautious and requested a sample of it with my order. If it is that intense then it´s better to snif first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therese View Post
    Sample, sample, sample. While we may agree on what constitutes a masterful olfactory compostion, we will all differ on what is FBW.
    Absolutely true - we differ (thank goodness) on what makes our hearts sing!

    Good job on sampling first - that is definitely the way to go. I have rarely purchased full bottles once I have tried the sample.

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    I love it, but I agree--good call on the sampling.

    Can't wait to hear what you think about it!
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    By the way, have you tried L'Artisan's Fleur de Liane yet?

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    Try Parfumerie Generale Coze too, it falls in the same category. I suspect you'll end up falling in love with Coze too

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