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    Default Synthetics and Longevity: Creeds - Millesimes vs EDT's

    Unfortunately I really haven't had any time to even read, nevermind post anything on Basenotes for a good couple of months (outside of sales threads!) and it will probably be so for the next bit ... but while I have a few moments I just wanted to pass along some observations on some Creeds, everyone's favourite subject ...

    Whereas I used to be astonished at how natural Creeds smelled vs the YSL's and Givenchy's I was used to, I now find that many of them strike me as rather synthetic vs my Montales and Lutens...

    To be sure I have no way of knowing what is or isn't synthetic - this is all an olfactory impression. I just infer that something is synthetic - or rather describe it as such - when a note is particularlty flat and untextured.

    I understand that naturally occuring oils can easily be created synthetically, and usually are in any brand vs the laborious process of distilling the exact same oil from a natural source, but I believe I'm referring to some really funky molecules... though I'm sure someone else knows much more than me and would have something interesting to say on this. (Yes I'm aware there are many threads on this!) but again I'm referring to an impression, based on texture, which may be totally false.

    When it comes to Creeds, I notice the Millesimes seem to suffer much more from this than the EDT's.

    I wonder - does this have to do with longevity? Is this how longevity is achieved? That thick, fatty aspect of the Creed Millesimes which tends to be what holds the fragrance and makes it stick?

    None of the EDT's have that (at least the ones I've tried).

    I'm sure they all have synthetics galore, but Orange Spice, Bois de Cedrat, Citrus Bigarrade seem alot more natural than Millesime Imperiale and Green Irish Tweed. They also have rather short longevity. Is that related, or is it just that they're citrus scents? Neroli Sauvage is a citrus Millesime with a relatively short duration, which smells pretty natural in comparison to GIT, MI or SMW.

    Royal Water is a citrus scent with longevity, and it also has a strong synthetic aspect to it.

    On the other hand, Bois du Portugal has decent longevity but doesn't seem to suffer from "monotonal" notes, and the same with Original Santal. Himalaya doesn't last very long, but has something very synthetic about it around the Sandalwood and ambergris.

    Some standouts in synthetic smelling (untextured) notes among Creeds:

    Millesime Imperiale: The Melon and the thick ambergris that holds it all together and makes it glow in heat

    Greed Irish Tweed: the Santal, the thick 'gris and even the grass!

    I wonder if the opening grassy burst in O.V. is just a lone chemical, or is that something more complex?

    Erolfa! That ocean note - it sits on the skin like pile of pudding!

    Anyhow, don't know if any of this is interesting or worth commenting on, but I do miss this place!
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