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    Default scent longetivity - your preferences and it's correlation to costs

    ( should also have included in the title instead of costs => quality)

    I did a little experiment, kinda gross but I just wanted to test out the length a certain fragrance will last on:

    1. clothing
    2. my skin

    The gross part is the skin test... because it required me not bathing for the amount of time the scent lasted.

    With some scents (in my not so big collection of samples and bottles), like Hermes Jardin series and some of my CDGs (white, samples of the red series) I find the scents will disappear completely within 4-7 hours... something I actually prefer, especially on clothing that I wear to special events that have really fragile fabric. I mean I try never to spray directly to clothing in general but it's an inevitability that our clothes absorb the scents on our skin.

    Stuff that lasted an annoyingly long 9-15 hours however are Diesel Feul for life, Kenneth Cole Reaction's drydown (bad on clothing, worse on my skin), and most appropriately Eternity for men. I personally don't use these anymore because of how unpleasant they are to me when they stick around to my dress shirts.

    one more thing: I'm glad I like/love/adore Grey Flannel's drydown because... it lasts FOREVER on my skin geez. I know it's gross but for the purposes of my testing, it is now 30 hours and counting and my chest still smells of it and it's wonderful... I think I'm gonna go take a shower now then

    But before doing that I'd like to make one more conclusion... does the whole longetivity of a scent convey to you a certain sense of quality? Of a planned structure by it's makers? Maybe Grey Flannel was planned to be a powerhouse scent with ridiculous longetivity in order to take over our whole cultural memory of a whole decade of time... in order to claim it's place in history.
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    Default Re: scent longetivity - your preferences and it's correlation to costs

    As I spray a frag around 8am I'd like it to last the whole working day (e.g. til around 6pm). In other words, I'd like the frag for during the day to last about 10 hours. Then, after dinner, I usually apply a different frag as my SotE. I don't really care how long those last but ironically enough the evening frags usually have better longevity than the dayfrags.
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    Default Re: scent longetivity - your preferences and it's correlation to costs

    They way I have been applying lately (3-5 sprays on my chest under shirts), everything I have in my wardrobe will last from 7am when I put it on until that night when I change clothes. Many of the Bond line will last through to the next morning before a shower. Many Artisans will diminish greatly because of the close-to-the-skin type of scent some of them are, but I can still always detect them.

    I don't necessarily associate longevity with quality. High quality doesn't necessarily have anything to do with longevity as much as just what the notes are or the chemical compounds used. One might find that something higher in natural content will last a much shorter amount of time than one without.
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