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Thread: advise needed

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    Default advise needed

    Hi Folks!

    I tend to keep up reading. postings on fragrances here are pretty acurate and I have to admit to be sailing on tips posted here. My woman's a happy person thanks to you all.

    For myself I just want to find out... more. I sail on cruise control for quite some time. Happy with my Bvlgari Black as it was... until it hardly accesable in The Netherlands. Alongside I have been hooked on Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin. Great scent. Rich...
    Now I'm trying ot move on a bit. Looking for new smells and scents for me. Nothing yet... bumped into Givenchy, but can't recall which one I loved so much.... Have to get back to the shop to find out and let my nose be fooled again. Sellers here are only trying to sell you the new brands and scents.

    Is there any scent you could opt for replacing my faves?
    I'll be forever grateful

    Kindest regards,

    Edwin van Hoof

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    Default Re: advise needed

    Have recntly bought the Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme which is cool but rather flat. Bit old fashioned and clear of new and inovative new breed materials like used in Lempicka and Bvlgari Black.
    Still fine for work.... But I need a bit more edge

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    Default Re: advise needed

    Try Narciso Rodriguez for him. Got a sample spray of this today and its brilliant stuff - very different, and much 'edgier' compared to many recent lackluster releases.
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    Default Re: advise needed

    Welcome, 3rdeye. You should definitely try YSL Body Kouros since it has some similarities with Au Masculin and Bvlgari Black. Check Rochas Man, A*Men ( Thierry Mugler) and Givenchy Pi too. You might like them ( relying on the fact you have a sweet tooth ). I hope that helps. Cheers from Bulgaria.

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    Default Re: advise needed

    I found FUBU Plush to be a more wearable version of Bvlgari Black. I don't like those anistic/licorice frags, but I'd put L'Instant up at the top. However, the most licorice I can stand is Samba Kiss for men, though I don't wear it often.

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    Default Re: advise needed

    Hello and welcome, Edwin!
    It is obviously that you like Annick Menardo’s work (she is a perfumer of both Bvlgari Black and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin), so mr. valchev’s proposition (Body Kouros, which is also Menardo’s scent) sounds like a very good idea to me. And speaking of Givenchy, Menardo is a perfumer of Xeryus Rouge, so you could try that one as well. I’d also mention Jaïpur Homme and Azzaro Visit.
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    Default Re: advise needed

    I'm a devoted believer in Givenchy fragrances, Guerlain fragrances, and Caron fragrances. I say go back to the shop and score with that Givenchy that you already encountered and liked a lot!

    While there sniff the Guerlain, Caron, and even Chanel and Dior products. There are certain to be things that appeal to you.
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