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    Default Opium Pour Whom ?

    Okay, I'll guess this is for women. A female relative gave me this, after she found it while cleaning out a closet. It's the "publicity version" of Opium (never heard of that phrase before), by Carter & Van Peel (#27260, to be exact!). It starts off with very strong clove, like you get early on in Jacomo de Jacomo, then it softens up into a more feminine-smelling scent (spicy and ambery, with a bit of a sweet, powdery feel). Does this sound like a good copy of the women's version, or does it sound closer to the men's?

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    The woman's version has very distinct feminine florals in the top and heart. the male version starts with anise and black currant, then becomes gingery and peppery." Aromatic Ginger" I would say in my humble opinion borrowing Turin terminology.

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    Ah, okay, thanks. I now have a feeling that either this bottle is missing floral top notes due to age or is just not a very good "clone" of the women's Opium.

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