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    Default Your Laundry Routine

    I moved on my own recently and was forced to start doing house choirs by myself . Having zero experience as spoiled ( mom did it) student I manage to do poorly at best. I use some liquid detergent and fabric softener but some shirts and other pices of clothes produce stale stinch after drying.
    I dont want to come out as too feminine but it realy gets to me when stale odor of t-shirts overpowers (at least in my perception) my frag. So where better to look for advice then where people are sensitive about the way they smell.

    What is your laundry routine and what products do you use
    to get the best results.

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    Default Re: Your Laundry Routine

    I use an Planet soap and no fabric softener. That works for me.

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    Default Re: Your Laundry Routine

    Tide detergent powder, no fabric softener for me.

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    Default Re: Your Laundry Routine

    I would die without using fabric softener. I have sensitive skin and the rough texture of the clothes would irritate me to death.

    As for detergent, I usually use Tide or All Free-And-Clear. I find liquid detergent to be far superior to powder detergent.

    Liquid softener, usually Downy, Snuggle, or whatever brand makes a Free-And-Clear version. If your washer does not have a liquid softener dispenser, buy one of those Downy balls that you toss into the wash.

    Make sure you wash with warm or hot water when applicable. Hot water gets my whites much cleaner than cold water (especially the underarms). Not to mention smelling much fresher.

    I have had old washers and dryers (or really cheap or malfunctioning units) produce bad laundry results. The quality of the washer and dryer machine can also make a difference.
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    Default Re: Your Laundry Routine

    Some other ideas:

    Use the right amount of detergent and softener (the labeling will tell you)
    Don't leave your wet clothes in the washer
    Make sure the inside of the washer is clean
    Check the water supply--it could have an odor that is contributing

    I heard that some people clean their washer by running it on an empty cycle with vinegar and water. I have never done this. However, I have run it on empty with bleach, and that seems to help (if it is a top loader or a front loader that has a bleach dispenser).

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    Default Re: Your Laundry Routine

    Are you using a front loader at a laundromat? If so, you might want to use an "he" (high efficiency, or low sudsing) detergent. I use liquid Tide he (I don't like the smell of Wisk he.)

    As stated in post #5, don't leave the clothes lying around wet in the washer-- they will develop mildew, which is very hard to get out (especially in colored clothes, which can't be bleached).

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