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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I found Honey and the Moon cloying. Think of thick honey and sugar.

    Dead Sexy on the other hand is a gorgeous woody-spicy-fruity scent. If you like Feminite du Bois, Parfum Trouvee (Miller et Bertaux #1) or Genie de Bois then you should definitely give it a go.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I recently tried Ex Libris: Fig leaf, magnolia, musk and cardamom. A nice spicy scent and very unisex.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I've tried Sparrow which is a lovely white floral scent.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Quote Originally Posted by jenmoon View Post
    I recently purchased Tokyo Milk's "Eden" from, of all places, a Books-a-Million store in Blacksburg, Virginia. Thus far, I have received several compliments on it, and within the next few days, I plan to return for "Poe's Tobacco" or "Dead Sexy" -- or both!
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    I also bought Eden recently, and I think its ths cassis note that I find so interesting and downright pretty. This scent smells of summer to me though, quite the opposite of your impression LOL! What I also like about it is that it smells like natural things that I can visualize...leaves, berries, and wood, and sometimes that's just what I want in a fragrance.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I tried these at a local gift shop a few weeks ago. I was thoroughly impressed. When I think about how much uncritical, raving kudos SSS gets here, I am surprised to see another really good, if-not-masterful, affordable line like Tokyo Milk get such a comparatively rough treatment.

    I personally liked Waltz best, but I can honestly say I enjoyed them all, and I found none of them pungent or off-putting.

    I bought some lovely soap from the line as well as a gorgeous lip balm, and I consider their offerings true treats and perfect gifts.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I found some of the Tokyo Milk fragrances at Beauty Encounter online. Dead Sexy has some interesting notes.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I sniffed the bottles at Anthropologie yesterday. I ended up trying Le Petit on one wrist and French Kiss on the other. Le Petit was dominated by a marshmallowy lily that I got tired of quickly. On the other hand, lasting power is impressive -- I still smell it on my wrist this morning.

    French Kiss was better, with mandarin and a crisp vetiver. Reminded me of a cheaper, louder impression of Coco Mlle and other fruity-floral "pink chypres." Lost some of it's character in the drydown and lasted only a few hours.

    For the price, not bad, but they remind me more of something that should be a bath product or body lotion than a "serious" perfume. Still, I'll probably try the others eventually, in case there is a standout.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I am wearing Tokyo Milk's Gin and Rosewater right now. It's crisp, piney, orangy, a little soapy and a little flowery (rose). I so far like it, but I don't think it will make my top perfumes list or become a daily scent. I would wear it to smell clean and awake, and when I am sick of my gourmands.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Competitively priced, but I found the scents I tested to be pretty poor: Dead Sexy and Gin and Rosewater (which is a gorgeous concept). Little better, I felt, than Body Shop scents. I'd rather pay a bit more for something less thin and with better staying power.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I just got Kabuki. it is #9. it has a yummy spicey floral fragrance that reminds me of a baskin Robbins cookie cone. I love it!

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I'm wearing Tokyo Milk's La Vie La Mort today. Or maybe it's wearing me. It's pretty powerful and sweet, so I'm not thrilled with it!

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I won a bottle of #11 Let them eat cake on ebay. It is a nice gourmand sweet vanilla. I would like to test others from Tokyo Milk but have never seen any bottles here.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Of the 59 bottles listed in the BN directory for Tokyo Milk, which ones could be classified as vanila-based? I've read of two so far Dead Sexy and Let Them Eat Cake, are there others?
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    Thumbs up Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Quote Originally Posted by hilaryjane View Post
    Thanks for that - I'll go to Anthroplogie. Can't remember seeing them last time I was in Fortnum's but then I was only there to sniff the Grossmith's. I don't like that store anyway - it gives me the creeps for some reason !

    You can buy in Brighton at either branch of Pretty Eccentric. I was spoiled for choice-couldn't decide between 'Crushed' and 'Paper & Cotton'. Dragged husband back to shop hours later for a respritz ( I had only tested a very small spritz and it was a very hot day so they were both in faintest stages of dry down by then) so he could help choose, and as we were there let him sniff a few more from the bottles. Ended up trying one of his choices, 'Gin and Rosewater'- never thought he or I would like something so aldehydic and rhubarby. Gorgeous and bought it there and then. Middle and drydown both good on me too.
    What I like about the ones I sniffed/tried ( all except the obviously cake ingredient based ones -Not For Me,Ta) is that Tokyo Milk is so different from all the bland, safe much of a muchness offerings from the big players right now.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Tried one or two years back at the insistence of a friend (can't even remember the names of the scents) I think one was called Conduction or Contemplation or something to that effect. In any case, none were to my liking.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I gifted this to my gf last year:

    Even though it smells like one of those bracelets that's designed to repel mosquitoes, it's quite pleasant.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    The ones I've sniffed were unique. They all seemed to share a certain opaqueness. Also, I seem to recall that one note would dominate e.g. one smelled powerfully of tart green apples, another was a very musty, ginger powder, etc. I admit I've never been tempted enough to do a skin test but it's nice to smell something more unusual at an affordable price point.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    We used to stock TM in our shop. I didn't actually like any of them, too teenage and girly, but they sold well. They aren't that inexpensive in the UK but the fact the bottles are only 30ml gives people the impression they are inexpensive. The Gin and Rose was the most popular due to the large trend for anything Gin related. It wasn't too bad.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I liked the smell.

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