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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I found Honey and the Moon cloying. Think of thick honey and sugar.

    Dead Sexy on the other hand is a gorgeous woody-spicy-fruity scent. If you like Feminite du Bois, Parfum Trouvee (Miller et Bertaux #1) or Genie de Bois then you should definitely give it a go.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I recently tried Ex Libris: Fig leaf, magnolia, musk and cardamom. A nice spicy scent and very unisex.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I've tried Sparrow which is a lovely white floral scent.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Quote Originally Posted by jenmoon View Post
    I recently purchased Tokyo Milk's "Eden" from, of all places, a Books-a-Million store in Blacksburg, Virginia. Thus far, I have received several compliments on it, and within the next few days, I plan to return for "Poe's Tobacco" or "Dead Sexy" -- or both!
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    I also bought Eden recently, and I think its ths cassis note that I find so interesting and downright pretty. This scent smells of summer to me though, quite the opposite of your impression LOL! What I also like about it is that it smells like natural things that I can visualize...leaves, berries, and wood, and sometimes that's just what I want in a fragrance.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I tried these at a local gift shop a few weeks ago. I was thoroughly impressed. When I think about how much uncritical, raving kudos SSS gets here, I am surprised to see another really good, if-not-masterful, affordable line like Tokyo Milk get such a comparatively rough treatment.

    I personally liked Waltz best, but I can honestly say I enjoyed them all, and I found none of them pungent or off-putting.

    I bought some lovely soap from the line as well as a gorgeous lip balm, and I consider their offerings true treats and perfect gifts.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I found some of the Tokyo Milk fragrances at Beauty Encounter online. Dead Sexy has some interesting notes.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I sniffed the bottles at Anthropologie yesterday. I ended up trying Le Petit on one wrist and French Kiss on the other. Le Petit was dominated by a marshmallowy lily that I got tired of quickly. On the other hand, lasting power is impressive -- I still smell it on my wrist this morning.

    French Kiss was better, with mandarin and a crisp vetiver. Reminded me of a cheaper, louder impression of Coco Mlle and other fruity-floral "pink chypres." Lost some of it's character in the drydown and lasted only a few hours.

    For the price, not bad, but they remind me more of something that should be a bath product or body lotion than a "serious" perfume. Still, I'll probably try the others eventually, in case there is a standout.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I am wearing Tokyo Milk's Gin and Rosewater right now. It's crisp, piney, orangy, a little soapy and a little flowery (rose). I so far like it, but I don't think it will make my top perfumes list or become a daily scent. I would wear it to smell clean and awake, and when I am sick of my gourmands.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Competitively priced, but I found the scents I tested to be pretty poor: Dead Sexy and Gin and Rosewater (which is a gorgeous concept). Little better, I felt, than Body Shop scents. I'd rather pay a bit more for something less thin and with better staying power.
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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I just got Kabuki. it is #9. it has a yummy spicey floral fragrance that reminds me of a baskin Robbins cookie cone. I love it!

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I'm wearing Tokyo Milk's La Vie La Mort today. Or maybe it's wearing me. It's pretty powerful and sweet, so I'm not thrilled with it!

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    I won a bottle of #11 Let them eat cake on ebay. It is a nice gourmand sweet vanilla. I would like to test others from Tokyo Milk but have never seen any bottles here.

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    Default Re: Anyone Tried Tokyo Milk??

    Of the 59 bottles listed in the BN directory for Tokyo Milk, which ones could be classified as vanila-based? I've read of two so far Dead Sexy and Let Them Eat Cake, are there others?

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