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    Talking Kenzo Winter Flower

    I'm a big Kenzo fan but I've been a little disappointed this year with their new ones- they seemed a bit blah. However, on the men's side, Power is terrific.
    I own Kenzo Flower le Parfum and Flower Oriental, and ran through 2 bottles of Flower before I got tired of it. So I was eager to hop downtown and try the new Winter Flower.
    It's a good addition to the Flower family. I found it similar to Flower Oriental, though I can't justify the similarity by quoting the notes. Winter has some rose, definitely, a somewhat cold and sharp rose. It lacks the fiery pepper of Oriental, but both have the incensey base. Winter has more oomph to it than the original and the bottle is gorgeous. If I didn't already own Oriental (and prefer it because of the sichuan pepper), I'd be buying a bottle of Winter.

    Now I must try the new Amour le Parfum!! Bwahhahhaa.....
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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    Did you like Indian Holi, may I ask? It is my fave out of the three I have tried to date: Amour, Flower and Holi. Am keen to try Oriental and Summer and Winter, though. Where do you stand on Summer, by the way? Is it worth a shot too?

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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    I had read about the Winter Flower on Now Smell This and wasn't tempted a bit but the Amour le Parfum has my name all over it
    If you get a chance to to try Amour le Parfum please report!!

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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    The original Amour was a little too strong, almost cloying, on me, but Holi was perfect, adding the floral notes really helped in my opinion, and the bottle is stunning, so as soon as I saw it at a good price, I snapped it up! In fact, I'm wearing it now. I can't wait to try the parfum. I like Summer (the one with almond and mimosa) because I love mimosa, but I never bought a bottle, I have too many summery perfumes for my very cold climate already, just not enough days to wear them all. It's soft and subtle. As soon as I find the Amour Parfum, I'll post my thoughts on it!
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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    Our summers are dreary and wet, if not especially cold - you're not one of Santa's elves, are you, which would explain your climate profile?! I think I try to create an artificial summer by wearing summery scents anyway - like laying astroturf where no real grass would grow...

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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    I live in the tropics and the Alps so I do know the value of beautiful summer scents in the dead of winter! And actually, I think Winter Flower is much more summery and warm than the Summer Flower, but Oriental tops them both.
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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    Can someone compare Winter Flowers (which I own & love) to the Flower le Parfum (which I am considering blind buying)?
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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    I tried Flower Essential Parfum yesterday. I was surprised by its price, which is roughly $95 for a .85 oz bottle. The scent is very close to the original Flower, perhaps a tad richer and a skinny bit fuller. However, no big whoop.
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    Default Re: Kenzo Winter Flower

    Do you mean Flower Le Parfum in the red bottle? I adore it, it's very rich and warm. Very unlike the normal flower which I cannot stand and Winter Flower is pleasant but not enough body for me. I find Le Parfum very wearable and pleasant. I don't think there is vanilla or amber in it, but it has that feeling. It's on the sweeter side but not gourmande.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.
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