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    Default Best Creed Fragrance?

    Hi im looking to get a creed milliseme fragrance for christmas of a website but im not going to bother smelling it. im just gonna go on what people tell me yet people i know dont wear creed and i just want one bottle to say ive got it and hopefully one which smells great. so if any of you could reccomend which milliseme creed bottle to get that would be great. thanks.

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    Bois Du Portugal

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    You're still going to have to pick which one. Members here will suggest their own favorites, and you'll have several listed here. You'll need to pick from a list, not very different from picking from a list of the millesime scents that's published by the company.

    Good luck though. If someone put a gun to my head and said answer the question or die, I'd say Tabarome from the millesime line.
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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    A few threads that already deal with this question (bought up by using the SEARCH function in the green bar above):

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    Hey there,

    I've only smelled about 2/3rds of the Creed fragrances, but these 5 are my favorites. I like clean and fresh fragrances, as you can see from my choices. I don't like stuff that is really musky, oriental, or sugary sweet. I usually dislike anything with vanilla, patchouli, civet, aoud, etc.

    I find that the drydown on most of the Creed scents is VERY similar, with the exception of Himalaya. It is a sweet, warm, ambergris. I normally don't like sweet, but the ambergris in Creed fragrances is so inviting that I just can't stop smelling my wrist. All of these fragrances are complex and layered, so you really can't go wrong with any of them.

    If you like fresh and green scents,

    1. Original Vetiver - Super fresh, green, and not as ubiquitous as others, but also doesn't stand out as a Creed fragrance as much as some of the others. Depends on if you want people to recognize that you're wearing Creed.

    2. Green Irish Tweed ( avoid this if you don't like Cool Water or don't want to wear something that many others wear ) On the other hand, it does smell great.

    If you like fresh/metallic with watery accords:

    3. Himalaya ( of all of these Creed fragrances, I find Himalaya to have the least promonent ambergris) Its drydown is fresh and metallic on my skin. Very nice.

    4. Silver Mountain Water ( although the ambergris is very prominent and sweet in this on the drydown )

    If you like fresh and woody fragrances:

    5. Santal Imperial ( I like this much more than Original Santal, its cleaner and more refreshing )

    Honorable Mention:
    Erolfa - I really like this, but it is so light and disappears so quickly that its not worth the price.
    Royal Water - a bit too floral for me, but a lot of people like it.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    The only few creeds worth buying are:
    Acier Aluminium.
    That is pretty much it.

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    I love many Creed frags and own three, but I would strongly suggest you try before you buy. Creed samples are abundant on eBay and everywhere else on the net, you will do yourself a favour if you spend your money on the frag you really like. Buying blind is usually a bad idea, even if its something so inoffensive as Creed.

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    thanks for all the replies guys yh ill probably go check them out now and make sure the one i pick i LOVE! i like the sound of that himalaya so will probably smell that first, but that brings up the question, where can i smell creed? no local stores stock it and ive looked so if any knows and could venture where then it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    Any of these.....

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    The one you like the most.
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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    bois du portugal is way too strong. I like Himalaya or millesime imperial!

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Maz24 View Post
    Any of these.....

    wow! just wow!

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    Thanks, I got a few more in the drawer..

    and a few of more in the cooler now....

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    are those war rations???

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    Default Re: Best Creed Fragrance?

    If you wanna sample them, you got two choices:

    1- Go to and order all those you think you might be interested in. If you don't want to wear anything feminine, use Basenotes to determine which ones are for men, or unisex. Otherwise, just do what I do, and order the whole lot haha. My favorites are pretty feminine. Samples there cost 3$ and I suggest you do NOT get more than 1ml per kind.

    2- Go to a local luxury store. Marcus Neiman, Ogilvi, Holt Renfrew are some names for Canada and USA. I'm sure there are city guides on another forum here with more ideas, or just ask for help for your city.

    The most masculine ones I have finished trying so far are: Tabarome (vintage and millesime), Bois du Portugal and Orange Spice. Orange Spice is more manly in a sexy, animal way. Read up on Kouros, ignore the bad stuff, and that's what Orange Spice is (to some people..) Other great choices, less masculine though, are Original Vetiver and Silver Mountain Water.

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