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    I know that several members had written as a response to my posts in the industry section that I should write a blog. In fact, I had one and here it is:

    Here's a little context:

    Ever since my youth, I have been enthralled by scents though I was never quite conscious of it. I had questioned the source of odor creation, but as we all know, fragrance design is something not in our culture (no college advisor would suggest perfumery as a way to go). Born to a father who is a professor and a loving mother, I am influenced to learn, to teach, and to help others. I decided that I wanted to be a doctor and took that path. I found basenotes during my first year of university this was more than four years ago, and it changed my life. I hid this passion from my parents till the last minute (I'll save this for another post). Niche perfumery became the catalyst to my wanting to become a perfumer. All thanks to decant swapping which is unfortunately forbidden here now, I am here where I am today. Chandler Burr, Jean Claude Ellena, Edmond Roudnitska, Frederic Malle, and online bloggers contributed to my final decision. These people made perfumery real and possible. Chandler Burr and JCE and the concept of Frederic Malle showed me that there is a person behind a fragrance.

    The ultimate battle was helping others through medicine and to do perfumery. So I used to conjure up conversations and give fragrance seminars to strangers and friends. I remember sharing perfumery with this person and I created this new passion within him. I shared my internal career struggle with him, and he asked me, "Who says that you cannot heal someone with perfumery? You healed me in a different way." That changed everything.

    This experience and some other influences, I decided I wanted to do perfumery. For the past 3 summers, I worked to save money to go to France. I finished my studies in the USA, studied French in Lyon, and eventually found my place as a perfumery student in Grasse where I am now. You guys do not know how happy I am to finally do something that I love. This joy to wake up in early the morning to learn something that you are passionate for is a sign that I am in the right place. Led by passion, one learns faster and one learns with more fervor.

    So as my blog disclaimer says: "I write because almost no one writes about perfumery. I write to induce other professionals to write. I write to search for someone who might understand my passions, my obsession and joy to smell and create. I write not for my myself, as a "showman," or for my ego, but for the advancement of perfumery. I write with restraint to not reveal the "secrets" of this industry; instead, I write to share my passion and to educate the consumers who have evolved to be desperately curious like me. I write humbly as a forever student of perfumery. Nothing here is truth but my impressions and interpretations of my senses. I present to you my sentiments and knowledge as an ambitious and passionate student of perfumery in Grasse."

    I write this blog with the reasons that I stated above. But I really hope to find someone else like me who is just obsessed about creation. Despite having many perfumery students around me in this city, I have found one person but outside school who works and thinks on the same wavelength as me. It is not so much as to finding another person as each perfumer has his own goals, style, and way of growth and maturity, but it would just be nice to know that this someone else exists. There has to be someone out there who is secretly working hard, with a strong work ethic, learning to master this art. I would love to meet him or her.


    - Alex
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    Great, Alex! Thanks for the link!

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    Yes, Alex, thanks for this, and how great to meet and learn from the Ellenas!

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    Alex, thank you for sharing your story, and how wonderful that you are now following your passion! I'm intrigued by the concept of healing through fragrance. I'll bet there is still a lot to learn about this. I wish you the best.

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    Default Re: My blog!

    Thank you, my dear. I will be a faithful reader.

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    Thank you for the link, it is very interesting to hear the story on the other side.

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    Thank you for the link. I'll be checking often. I read several of your entries yesterday - thank you so much for sharing your experiences in the perfumery school. You write nicely too; it's very easy to lose oneself in your diary.

    I share my experiences in a blog too (link in sig), but none too glamorous; I'm learning on the job and by being an autodidact. I wish I could go to Grasse, but both ways have their merits.

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