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    Default What is a good way to sample/learn individual notes?

    I wonder what is a good way to learn to distinguish individual notes. It's kinda obvious how, so I'm looking more for practical than theorical solutions. In other words, where do I get what I need for cheap?

    I have tried many, many samples so far, but they are all usually blends of multiple notes. I bought chocolate, vanilla, almonds and rose kits from Perfumed Court and although I enjoyed many of them as fragrances I would wear, they did not help me expand my "vocabulary" of notes.

    So what (as in, WHERE and for how much) would be a good way to get the material to "practice" with, let's say, the following:
    -20 different flowers
    -5 different woods
    -5 different green notes
    -10 other frequent base notes (ie. pure musk, civet, vanilla, amber, etc.)

    What do you recommend? And do you think I should get perfumes that are based on these notes, or pure oils? And where?

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    Default Re: What is a good way to sample/learn individual notes?

    Please take a look at the Female Board.

    They are having an ongoing unisex discussion of this very subject:

    Note Identification Project - Please Join In!
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    Default Re: What is a good way to sample/learn individual notes?

    This is what you might be looking for:

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