Hey all. So I just got a job at an advertising firm over in Germany. Dream job, really. So I kinda wanna go in and impress, and not just with my work, wit, and charm. Make some ladies run toward me like I was a magnet, you know the drill.

Here's what I've got in my "arsenal" right now:

Salvatore Ferragamo PH
Ormonde Man
Lacoste (the old one...1st sporty fragrance, if i remember correctly)
Gucci PH
ADP (running out of that...eek)
Vetiver Extraordinaire
various samples from Malle, etc.

So help me out. You've all done good by me in the past, and i'm anxious to hear the advice this time too. I'm not necessarily looking for anything in particular, I think from the list above you can get an idea of what I like. Thanks a bunch everyone!