Eau d'Italie - Baume du Doge

Known as La Repubblica Serenissima, "the Most Serene Republic", Venice was the Merchant Queen of the oceans and gateway to the East for nearly ten centuries. Born out of the seas and magically built on stilts, its intricate maze of waterways dividing exquisite palazzi in constant competition to display their riches, Venice thrived under the rightful government of its elected leader: the "Doge", a prince among peers.

A universe of glorious luxury, of delicate mosaics, exotic enamels and luscious brocades, permeated throughout by the scent of ever-present spices lingering in the air, while the golden hull of the Bucintoro, the Doge's ceremonial ship, glided along the Grand Canal.

Slowly making their way from India, Persia or China on the backs of mules and woolly Bactrian camels, then aboard daring merchant ships, a world of spices found its way to Venice, their names as exotic as the languages spoken by their traders.

Roots, barks, seeds, pistils, flowers, rhizomes and resins took hold of the local taste, flanking and often blending with local produce. Thus myrrh and frankincense, saffron and clove, cardamom and vanilla met sweet oranges, sharp bergamots and wild fennel in a rich and warm fusion, the use of which ranged from medicine to perfumery, often at the same time. An extraordinary world of preserving balms and fragrant unguents, of which Eau d'Italie is proud to present a contemporary evocation in Baume du Doge, a warm, exciting and rich marriage of sweet orange, spices and resins, as elegant and luxurious as the spinel-red velvet lining the cabin of an 18th century gondola.

Composition: Description
Head: Calabrian Sweet Orange and Bergamot, Ceylonese Cinnamon, Indian Coriander and Cardamom, French Fennel, Sichuan Black Pepper
Heart: Myrrh and Frankincense from Somalia, Clove from Zanzibar and Cedar from the Atlas, Saffron
Base: Vetiver and Vanilla from the Bourbon Islands, Benzoin from Siam

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