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    Default Packaging, deleted scents and reissues

    Just purchased the Donna Karan reissues of Fuel for Men and Chaos - both gorgeous scents I would have missed completely had they not been re-released.

    It occurs to me that many more classic deleted scents could be brought back to life if manufacturers took the DK approach and standardised (and simplified) the packaging.

    As we all know, the packaging (bottle and box) represents the first or second largest cost in a scent - depending on how much is spent on marketing. The juice itself is a negligible cost and, with older scents, the development cost has long been paid for.

    Standardised packaging (same bottles, same boxes, with the colour of the label changing) would reduce the costs significantly, especially if the chosen bottle is a simple shape and the box is a simple style. The niche houses have long known this - look at the bottles from Annick Goutal, l'Artisan, Andy Tauer or Diptyque - and it doesn't affect our enjoyment of the scents themselves.

    In fact, I prefer more simple packaging and would happily forego silly bottles (many of which look great but don't work properly) if it meant I could own some of the deleted classics discussed with such fervor on these pages.

    Additionally, such unified packaging looks great on the shelves. Just look at the aforementioned Donna Karan series in the store...

    It could allow for many lost greats to find their way back onto out shelves.

    (There'd be an added benefit of casting a wider customer net too, as simplified packaging would allow more scents to be perceived as unisex...)

    Any thoughts? And any suggestions for a scent "series" that should be reissued in a similar fashion to the DKs?
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    Default Re: Packaging, deleted scents and reissues

    I think Givenchy basically did this with some of its oldies. Perhaps Ralph Lauren could bring back Polo Crest, Extreme Sport, and Monogram in this way. Or perhaps all of the industry could support the Osmotheque or some other industry-wide purpose by allowing a third party to reproduce vintage frags generally under license. Wouldn't that be cool - no fragrance ever completely discontinued!

    Hey - we can dream!
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    Default Re: Packaging, deleted scents and reissues

    Great thread! I was thinking the same thing in regards to re-invigorating lines that for all intensive purposes just need a little 'Intensive' care.

    The Opium homme series would SO benefit with updating the packaging and bottle.
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    Default Re: Packaging, deleted scents and reissues

    Guerlain's two reissue series, "Les Parisiennes" and "Il etait une fois Guerlain", are good, but actually MORE expensive (!), examples of a standard bottle and box for reissued perfumes.

    It's not like with music, where compilations and best-of albums can be had for a dime...

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    Default Re: Packaging, deleted scents and reissues

    It seems as if most things reissued are actually more quite a bit more expensive than the original issue.
    This would be in line with what JanAlways is saying and would add to off-setting the cost of the re-issue along with the simplified packaging. It's actually almost too logical. :-)

    The question is if it will appeal to the masses and not just a small group of zealots like us? To base the re-issue only on previous glory would probably not work for the marketing department. They'd likely have to create a campaign that would generate enough sales to be extremely profitable and I'm not sure if a lot of these companies want to take that chance. And then there is always the worry about reformulation..... Still a lovely idea!

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