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    Question Narciso Rodriguez for Him Limited Edition - and has NRFH changed?

    I finally got to test the new Narciso Rodriguez for Him Limited Edition today on my skin. The initial blast is of metallic coldness, drying down surprisingly quickly into a base similar to the standard NRFM.

    But here's the thing - in order to compare I took a spray of the standard NRFM Edt on my other wrist, and it smelled completely different from the bottle I purchased a year ago. The glorious wet cement note that I love about it was gone, and the dry down was insipid, and short-lived.

    The difference was so dramatic I went back into the shop and took a spray from their other tester, and got the same result.

    Sadly, the Limited Edition is a mirror of the "new" NRFM, with the same insipid dry-down. (The bottle is gorgeous though - chrome lining the glass instead of gray paint...)

    Has anyone else had this same experience? Is it possible that the scent has already been modified, just 12 months or so after its launch?
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him Limited Edition - and has NRFH changed?

    So what did NR used to be?

    The NR I've sampled starts out with a blast of cold green, a melon note of sorts that then fades into a cool wet green grass/moss/violet smell. Sadly, yes, the drydown is weak and after 2 or 3 hours the magic of the scent is gone and a faint clean mossy drydown, something akin to Grey Flannel but cooler, is all that's left.

    Did I miss out on some power formulation of NR? I've heard many people say it was a frag skewed to the top and mid notes.. so I never would have assumed I had anything but the "original" NR, and never would have assumed it was reformulated.

    So what exactly was your original bottle like?
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him Limited Edition - and has NRFH changed?

    well i hope the ltd ed isnt too much better since i just got the NRFH 100ml less than 3mths back. Ive nvr heard of the ltd ed yet till this thread.

    on a lighter note, does the ltd bottle weigh as heavy as that brick of the orginal. posted pics when i first got it, but think its been edited off due to the blurry image,.

    the scent grew on me really.. i was just having the shopping itch. the appreciation only came after my first month of use. id classify NR, Aigner Black, Banana republic's Slate to have distinct similarities., NR and slate are a tad more ex than average. Aigner black doesnt smell identical, but would make a very affordable substitute.

    Imagine Boss Selection with some citrus. NR is notrhing metallic at all, and id be as relieved since i konw at least i didnt miss out o anything. Im a sucker for nice bottles. blend or floral(my soft-spot for),fruits; and like most frags these days, has a base of musk, which ive come to notice gives a fragrance that sillage finale. Not sure the ltd ed sounds the same as the orginal.

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