Hello my number loving readers it is time for Week 30 of SotW. Did the deposed champ make it back this week? To learn that answer you’ll have to read on. First the raw numbers. 1,175 posts this week, 699 individual scents, 486 posted just once for an individuality index of 41.4%. Week 30 was solidly in line with the past few weeks, The individuality index crept back up over 40% again after a couple weeks south of that number. A new number I wanted to start tracking this week is the number of scents posted for the first time this week. Now that we are over 3500 scents posted since the beginning (Scent 3500 was Pilar and Lucy To Twirl All Girly) I am curious to see how many scents are posted for the first time in a week. This week 85 scents (12.1%) were logged in for the first time. That is a pretty impressive number. If that doesn’t make you realize what a diverse community we are part of, I’m not sure what will.
Huge week for Guerlain with 109 wears over 38 scents leading both categories. Guerlain Vetiver was #1 with 24 wears and was joined by three other Housemates Habit Rouge at #5, Jicky at #7 and L’Instant pour Homme at #7. Chanel had the second most wears with 49 over 17 scents led by Antaeus with 7. Serge Lutens had the second most scents worn with 22 from 42 wears. Again a lot of evenness to the wear pattern through the House and the leaders were Serge Noire and Chergui tied at 4. Hermes had 47 wears over 20 scents with Terre D’Hermes returning to the top 10 at #3 with 13 wears. Finally, Creed has 44 wears over 20 scents led by the #4 Bois du Portugal. The big 5 accounted for 291 wears (24.8%) over 117 scents (16.7%).
In other House news it looks like with the cooling off of the weather the numbers for L’Artisan and Comme des Garcons are coming back up as both posted their strongest weeks in a couple of months. It also seems to be affecting Bond #9 and Estee Lauder in the other direction as their numbers have been edging down. Estee Lauder only had four total wears this week for a new all-time low. Caron seems to be holding steady with slightly elevated numbers over the last month. Versace has also seen elevated numbers over the last two weeks. This week was led by an unexpectedly high number of wears for Black Jeans. Lastly, Tom Ford had an interesting week as 11 of the 17 scents were worn with none of them logging more than two wears making for an interesting pattern.
The remaining four scents in the top 10 are, at #2, Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme. Rive Gauche has been on an interesting streak of posting greater than 9 wears for the past 8 weeks. This one has really taken off in the last couple of months. Tied for #5 is Amouage Jubilation XXV. I really believe the sale at Beauty Encounter is behind the spike in the numbers as before people were probably careful to wear their samples judiciously because the price of a bottle was out of sight. Now with a reasonable price point a quality scent sees its numbers go up. At #7 is Montale Red Vetyver which posts its highest week ever and takes its place next to Black Aoud as another popular scent for Montale. It was a funny pattern this week as five of the 8 wears came on one day. Also at #7 was Narciso Rodriguez for Him. This one seems to be a real beneficiary of the cooler weather as during the summer this one was almost non-existent in wears but over the last two weeks the numbers have spiked up for both the men’s and women’s versions.
Here now the top 10 for September 20th-26th, 2008
1.) Guerlain Vetiver 24 wears (2.0%)
2.) Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme 15 wears (1.3%)
3.) Hermes Terre D’Hermes 13 wears (1.1%)
4.) Creed Bois du Portugal 12 wears (1.0%)
5.) Amouage Jubilation XXV 9 wears (0.8%)
5.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 9 wears (0.8%)
7.) Guerlain Jicky 8 wears (0.7%)
7.) Guerlain L’Instant pour Homme 8 wears (0.7%)
7.) Montale Red Vetyver 8 wears (0.7%)
7.) Narciso Rodriguez for Him 8 wears (0.7%)

Four scents in the just missed category; Guerlain Shalimar, Tauer L’Air Du Desert Marocain, Dior Homme, and Chanel Antaeus. On the new release front this was not a big testing week for the community as only two new scents had three wears; Guerlain Homme and Prada Infusion D’Homme. Kenzo Power after some intense sampling dropped entirely off the map with zero wears this week.
That’s it for Week 30 Basenotes Nation.
As always, you keep wearing ‘em and I’ll keep counting ‘em
Have a well-fragranced week.