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    Default Proper application of mini's

    Its funny because I haven't posted in "Just Starting Out" in quite a long time, but I do have a rather rookie-type question here. I'm always very happy to get new fragrances, but on that note I vastly prefer samples and mini's, as you get to try out the fragrance. For me, I have never finished a bottle of cologne, and so it is not only more economical, but smarter for my particular needs. The main drawback, though, is that you don't get to spray it on yourself, as most mini's are to be dabbed on. What is a good rule of thumb for applying mini's to oneself so that you get good projection/longevity?

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    Default Re: Proper application of mini's

    I am not being rude but use the search function I found many threads on this topic:

    This thread should help you out, also there are many others out there.
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    Default Re: Proper application of mini's

    What I've been able to glean from the above link is that there are a couple of ways to go for mini's or sample vials in terms of application methods:

    1. You can put the fluid in a small atomizer. (You can get these at Sally's Accessories for Fragrances online or other places.)
    2. Some people will siphon out the fluid with a mini-straw/coffee stirrer by placing it into the vial (or mini) and putting your finger over the open end of the stirrer and thereby hold the pressure. (I'm sure there's a specific scientific term for this, I just don't remember what that term is!) Then you would apply the juice to your skin by lifting your finger and releasing a bit of the liquid.

    I'm sure there are other ways to apply mini-juice too. I didn't know about the coffee-stirrer/mini-straw/cocktail straw method until now, and think that's brilliant. MadScientist came up with that one, if I have that right. Also, in a recent thread Hoos mentions using cotton swabs as applicators, too.

    Now in terms of projection or longevity, that is another question. I'm sure there are lots of opinions on whether spraying or dabbing (or dispensing through the mini straw method) allows for better longevity, sillage, and projection. You might want to search about that issue on its own--I think it is has been much discussed before and I can only offer my personal opinion. (I like spraying.)

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    Default Re: Proper application of mini's

    My bad, thanks for the link!

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    Default Re: Proper application of mini's

    Atomizers are the way to go

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